What Size Hole Saw For Round Electrical Box

What Size Hole Saw for Round Electrical Box: All You Need to Know


Different electrical boxes require different sized hole saws. Being confused about the specific-sized hole saw you need is normal. 

So what size hole saw for round electrical box?

The size of the hole cut is determined by the diameter of the round electrical box. Electrical Boxes with ½” diameter or depth require a 22mm hole saw. The bigger the box is, the bigger hole saw you will need. For instance 2” diameter  box requires a 64mm hole saw.

This is simply the gist of knowing what you need to know. But fret not! Because all that you may want to know about hole saw and round electrical boxes are right here.

Different Types of Round Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Even while just considering round electrical boxes, there are many variants. Even the material used can be different. 

Metal or Plastic

A large proportion of electrical boxes are made of metal or plastic. Steel is the most frequently utilized metal box material. Plastic boxes, on the other hand, are made of PVC or fiberglass.

Metal boxes are necessary for running wire to junction boxes through metal conduits. This is applicable for both anchoring and grounding the conduit. Metal boxes are more resistant to fire.

Plastic boxes are typically less expensive and come with wire clamps. When working with non-metallic wire, you can use either plastic or metal boxes. However, the wire must be attached to the box using a cable clamp.

Issues with grounding or polarity are common in electrical boxes. But the solution is different for metal and plastic boxes.  

Round Pan Electrical Boxes

Round pans, sometimes known as “pancake pans,” are thin round boxes. They are frequently utilized for lighting systems mounted on the ceilings or the walls. The fittings’ maximum weight is no greater than 50 pounds.

Most round pan boxes are just 1/2 to 3/4 inch deep. They can also be manufactured of plastic or sturdy metal at comparable low rates.

Ceiling fans can be mounted using round metal pan boxes. However, not all round pan boxes are suitable for this use.

The fixture cables must be properly linked and inserted into the circular pan box. These are low-profile electrical boxes. Furthermore, they can only support 2 or 3 electrical connections.

Octagon and Round Electrical Boxes

Octagon and Round sized electrical boxes are variants with more volume than round pan boxes. These are the usual boxes for ceiling or wall-mounted light fixtures that weigh up to 50 pounds.

Octagon and round boxes are 1 1/2 to 3 inches deep and cost the same as round pan alternatives. They have a lot more wiring space than shallow circular pan boxes. These boxes are suitable for usage as junction boxes.

Octagon and round boxes made of metal are appropriate for surface-mounted systems that use metal conduits. Round plastic boxes with “ears” for connection to the walls or ceilings surface are common in current or “old work” applications.

Ceiling Fan-Rated Electrical Boxes

Ceiling fan electrical boxes are used to power fans or light fittings. The maximum weight of the electrical equipment can be 75 pounds. The number may vary based on the installation method.

Ceiling fan electrical boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This contains 1/2″-deep “pancake” boxes as well as normal 2 1/8-inch-deep boxes.

Ceiling fan boxes are typically circular, although they can also be octagonal. The boxes are composed of either metal or tough plastic.

These boxes may be bolted directly to a joist or wooden blocking in the ceiling. They should flush with drywall without any issue. 

Different Sizes of Hole Saw

There are several sizes of hole saws. When you want a customized Hole saw, you must provide the format.

To obtain the format, you must first choose the diameter you wish to make. For the measurement, you may easily use a meter rule.

Technically, hole saws are available in a number of sizes. Hole saws generally range in size from 14mm to 210mm.

14mm (9/16 inch) hole saw blades are commonly used for creating tiny holes for home piping.

There are 32mm (1 1/5 inch) hole saws. These are suitable for cutting holes in 1-inch-diameter pipes.

51mm (2 inches) hole saw blades are commonly used to cut a hole in desks the size is suitable for computer wires and cables to pass through. For bigger drainage pipes and light fittings, 121mm (4 34 inches) hole saws are available.

Hole Saw Size and Electrical Box Compatibility

The size requirement of the hole saw mostly depends on the size of the electrical box. The following chart will show you the necessary size of hole saw for different electrical boxes. 

Electrical Box SizeHole Saw Size

The size for the round boxes is considered as the diameter or the depth. So from the chart, the required size of the hole saw for different boxes is clear. 

The material of the electrical box, metal or plastic, will not affect the hole saw size. But it will affect the method and tools of drilling. 

The type of the box will not also affect the size of the hole saw. But Octagon boxes are bigger than round pan boxes. So naturally, octagon boxes will require bigger hole saws. 


How deep is a round electrical box?

Round pan electrical boxes are about ½ or ¾ inches deep. These boxes are suitable for two or so electrical connections. The volume of the octagon and round junction boxes is greater. These boxes range in depth from 1.5 to 3 inches.

Can you put an outlet in a round box?

You certainly can. A conventional dual receptacle and a wall plate built for that purpose may also work. This is determined by the screw holes on the box. These act as both a wall plate and a mounting bracket/adapter for placing a regular receptacle in a circular box.

Can I use a hole saw on drywall?

Yes, you can use a hole saw on drywall. But you will need the specific kind of hole saw bits. The right bits will speed up the process and make the holes more precise. Using the wrong bits may damage the bits themselves. 


Now we know what size hole saw for round electrical box. Bigger hole saws are needed for bigger round electrical boxes. 

Different types of round electrical boxes need different-sized hole saws. But the material of the box will not affect the size of the hole saw. 

That’s it for today!

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