What Happens When You Charge 410a As A Gas

What Happens When You Charge 410a As A Gas? [Explained]


We know that 410a is a very important thing in our life today. Because this is one of the essentials of an air conditioner, working as a refrigerant. But charging it improperly would have unexpected consequences as in a gas.

Now, what happens when you charge 410a as a gas?

You have to face a few consequences for this actually. First, you would see that the refrigerant tank would not refill. Then you would notice issues like the AC compressor turning off. You may also notice a dirty interior and a swollen discharge pipe. Finally, you would notice high electricity bills!

This is just a brief about the information that you are looking for. You can get everything in detail here if you read along.

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Do I Actually Charge The 410a As Gas Or Liquid?

You already know that 410a is a refrigerant. And this is basically used for the air conditioners for our house. And dealing with this is simple like fixing a circuit breaker not sitting.

We need to refill our air conditioners with this refrigerator with time when needed. And that is when some people may get confused about it. 

The confusion is about charging it as gas or liquid! Well, there is no in-between with this actually. That means you must consider charging the 410a as a liquid. 

You should not charge the 410a refrigerant as gas in any way. But if you still do it then you may have to go through consequences. 

And you need to move on to the next part to know about the consequences.

What Happens If I Accidentally Charge 410a As A Gas?

As of now, you can definitely understand that you must charge the 410 as a liquid. But if you have still charged the 410a as gas, you have done it already.

Now, you have to face the consequences that are a must after this. You definitely understand that the consequences are not expected. 

Take a look here to know more about them.

Consequence 1: The Refrigerant Tank Would Not Refill

The first consequence that you would be facing is the most obvious one. And that would be the blank refrigerator tank. 

That means when you are refilling the refrigerant tank, it would not refill properly. The lower portion of the tank may cover half of the volume.

It may go even more than that. But you would still notice that the entire tank of the refrigerator is not covered.

As a result of this, there would be symptoms though. You can count on the obvious symptoms of low refrigerant to make this sure.

Consequence 2: The AC Compressor Turns off Suddenly

With your 410a charged as gas, you would come through a few common issues. And your AC compressor turning off suddenly is one of them.

Yes, you read that right! The compressor of your AC may turn off suddenly if you’re refilling the 410a as gas.

Today, almost all the AC have multiple signal lights. And one of the lights indicates the operation of the AC compressor. 

Thus, if the signal light turns off, you would understand that the compressor turns off. As a result, your AC would not be able to cool down the room further.

You would start feeling the rise in temperature just in a few seconds. And even if you do not notice the light, the temperature change would let you reckon.

Consequence 3: A Dirty Interior of The AC

This is not a very straightforward consequence actually. But you would definitely notice this if you charge 410a as a refrigerant. 

That is, you may see that the interior of your AC is clogged. You would notice dirt particles when you open up the first part of your AC.

This happens mainly because air inflows into the refrigerant tank. And thus, the dust particles from the air get into the interior of the AC.

Gradually, the dust and dirt particles get clogged into your AC. As for this, you need to clean your AC very often. 

Because even if you clean the interior of your AC, it gets dirty or dusty again and again.

Remember that it may not always be dirt or dust particles. Because you may also notice ice formation at times. 

And you need to clean that as well just like cleaning the dirt. Thus, either of them could be there as a consequence.

Consequence 4: Swelling of Discharge Pipe 

You know there are 2 pipes as the outdoor pipes of the air conditioner. These two pipes keep on working when you are running the AC.

And it is not that common to have a look at the discharge pipe of the AC. But if you look at it, you would notice it is unusual.

Because the discharge pipe may be swelling with time. And this happens when there is ice formation in the discharge pipe.

There would be ice and water inside the discharge pipe as the change in temperature. But the suction pipe would not have any issues about it though.

Consequence 5: High Electricity Bills

Finally, you come to another obvious consequence of charging the 410a as gas. And that is the high bills that you would bear for this. This is similar to hydro shark boiler issues.

You would notice the change in the bills that you pay monthly. That’s because the air conditioner uses up too much electricity due to less refrigerant.

As time passes, your electricity bills may keep on increasing even more. And that is when it makes it obvious.

Now you understand the consequences of charging the 410a as gas.

What to Do If I Charge The 410a As A Gas?

You do not actually have much to do if you have charged the 410a as gas. But that does not mean that it has got no solution.

Because you can actually resolve that. Yes, you can do it just by taking off the gas though. And this is all you have to do for this. Take a look here for details.

Method 1: Puncture The Tank

The first and easiest way to empty the tank is to puncture the tank. Yes, you can do it actually. To puncture the refrigerant tank, you need something hard and pointy.

Poke the refrigerant tank with force to puncture the tank. You need to make more than one hole for it.

But remember one thing. If you are following this method, you would not be able to use it again. You would need to replace the refrigerant tank.

If you want to get a new refrigerant tank now, here you go. Here is the list of our favorite pickups.

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Hope this helps!

Method 2: Use Vacuum Tube

Another method you may follow is the vacuum tube method. That means you can use the vacuum tube to empty the refrigerant tank.

This is simple as you take off anything using a vacuum tube. And if you want, you may also condense out the refrigerant.

Do not forget that you may also take help. You can just hire someone to empty the refrigerant tank of your air conditioner.

But in that case, you need a budget. And remember this is comparatively a very easy task. Thus, it is better if you can do it yourself. Good luck!

Addition Tips

We have got our last segment here. Yet, it is one of the most important parts. And that is the part of the tips for you.

  • While you charge a 410a tank, make sure there are no children around the place. 
  • If you can then you better go for a bit open place when charging 410a. But that does not mean you would have to go to a field for this.
  • Try to wear a face mask when you are charging the 410a tank. This can prevent you from taking the excess gas and inhale into your lungs.
  • Do not ever charge your 410a tank around a fire. This can be really dangerous.


How to charge the 410a properly?

To charge it, you first need to attach the yellow hose to the 410a tank. The yellow hose is right on the gauge of the manifold. After that, turn on the handle of it which would give off the refrigerant. And finally, you put the tank upside down when it charges in the liquid form.

Do I replace the 410a refrigerant if I accidentally charge it as gas?

No, you don’t necessarily have to replace the 410a refrigerant if you charge it as gas. But you can not be too sure about it though. Because it may be permanently spoiled if you go through this consequence. But in general, the 410a does not go bad very easily.

Is the 410a refrigerant too much expensive?

No, the 410a refrigerant is not too expensive currently. The cost to bear to get the 410a refrigerant is about $4 to $6 per pound. The price may go up or down over time. But it generally stays within the range mentioned here. Throughout the world, it is one of the cheapest and most useful supplies.

The Final Words

Now you know what happens when you charge 410a as a gas! You now have no more confusion regarding this.

But remember one thing. If you ever make any mistake like charging refrigerant as a gas, hold on. That means do not go any further until you take professional help. Or else, you might end up with an accident.

Be careful about it!

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