TGI vs TJI: Unfolding All Myths Of Construction Joists!


Faced floors went squeaky during an assigned construction project? Or maybe, you find a solution to get the best joists supported via beams or foundations. 

Well, we have got the answers! Also, you will see if TJI and TGI- both even exist or not!

So, what are the key differences between TJI vs TGI?

Interestingly, users usually misspell the exact keyword TJI. And, it brings up TGI to you containing no such relevant meaning. Meanwhile, TJI stands for Trus Joist I-Joist. Generally, it resists warping, twisting, and shrinking. Also, it is quite time-saving and install-friendly in the construction.

Well, these are not the all. We still remain showing you everything about joists in this article. Excited? 

Spare us a few minutes and give it a read till the end! So, let’s unfold together!

TGI vs TJI: Mythbusting

Fun fact is that many users pronounce the exact word- TJI. But while typing this out, words G and J often appear so similar. That’s why we couldn’t help but burst this myth in the article.

Still, there can be other issues existing too! Users often get confused while typing this out. While searching it on the search bar, the search engine might show several auto-complete suggestions. In the meantime, TGI stands for several other abbreviations. 

Along with that, it carries different companies. After filling the box with TJI, the search engine machine can still interpret on its way. 

And, ignorant users usually consider the suggestion valid. As a result, the rest of its confusion is in your acknowledgment, right? 

So, next time you explore the joist, you know what to type, don’t you?

At the same time, TJI joists are trademarked to Trus Joist. So, TJI stands for Truss Joist I-Joist. And, this engineered wood I-joist is a Weyerhaeuser business. 

What is TJI?

Got the exact thing in your head now, right? Now, let’s explore TJI a bit more.

TJI is the key part of constructing a high-performance floor. It has exceptional dimensional stability resisting warping, twisting, and shrinking. 

Also, TJI supports different ducts like 6 inch or 8 inch ducts. Get the best HVAC ducts from our recommendation!

Product 1
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Along with that, you will find it easier to install than traditional framing. And, in terms of the time-saving option, we don’t see any alternative to it. 

Have you just picked its benefits? Well, there are more of it- 

  • Easily drilled and cut while proceeding duct, plumb-based work
  • Having longer lengths permits adaptable floor plans
  • Easier installation lessening callbacks
  • TJ-Pro Rating delivers customizable, predictable floor performance
  • Limited lifetime product warranty

These are just the key ones among the countless benefits. So, no chances are there to have squeaky floors ever. However, there are chances of getting affected by uneven or lack of flat self leveling compound.

What are TJI Joists Used For?

First thing first, where would you need this joist? Bet you know several materials are required for building infrastructure. 

At the same time, proper functioning, and positioning of tools is a must. TJI joists are utilized for floor supports. 

So, you can consider it usable for interior floor joists. Along with that, trusses, and headers also demand this joist for having larger open spaces.  

These are quite stronger compared to dimensional lumber of similar widths. Along with that, carrying lightweight features make it more special. Also, it can span more significant distances.

The truss-joists are contrived to oppose wrenching, twisting, or even warping. As a result, you will not see it shrinking such as dimensional lumber. 

Along with that, 50% fewer kinds of wood will be required here compared to standard joists. In the meantime, you will see clear differences between engineered floor joists vs 2X10 lumber!

TJI floor trusses are useful to be cut or drilled. Specifically, it allows plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to go through this. So, the least obstructions below the joists are enough to proceed. 

Along with that, requiring several bulkheads is not even an issue here. The same instruction goes for blocking and bridging. 

In the meantime, the subfloor sheathing can easily prevent rotation. As a result, the channels get opened between the joists for services. 

What you have got throughout these are, 

  • Reducing construction costs
  • Reducing build time.

Interestingly, it can also be a preferable option as a ceiling joist. TJI joists are useful in residential and commercial building projects too. 

At the same time, environment saving is actually executable here. Also, a quicker installation process keeps all things faster.

Now you know why it offers more than resisting curve, twist, shrinkage, or warp. So, no time or money frittered culling inoperable planks during the construction is there.


Are TJI Beams Better?

Weyerhaeuser’s Trus Joist TJI beams come as the most rudimentary components of high-performance floor systems. It is manufactured to serve with enough strength and sheer consistency. Along with that, lightweight features make it faster and installment-friendly. It can save time and money.

Can I Drill Holes In TJI?

The holes can be drilled along the stud or column’s length anywhere. Meanwhile, the drill needs to be at least 4 inches far from the edge. Cutting or notching in the headers or beams is not suggested. One notch can be trimmed anywhere except the epicenter of the height of the column. 

How Far Can A 2×6 Ceiling Joist Span?

2×6 ceiling joists can travel more than 13 feet and 9 inches from beam to beam. It happens while spaced the standard 16 inches separated from a maximum ceiling load. This joist is manufactured out of Spruce-pine-Fir according to the general thumb rules and policies. And, grade #2 has been utilized.

Final Words

Finally, you know all the nitty-gritty between TJI vs TGI. We have tried to portray a clear picture of them throughout our article.

Hopefully, this discussion gives you motivation to choose the ideal joists.

Still, if you get any second thoughts, share them with us!

Signing off for today!

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