4 Reasons Your Pink Ceiling Paint Not Turning White

4 Reasons Your Pink Ceiling Paint Not Turning White [Solved]


Painting the ceiling can be pretty exciting and seem pretty easy. But disaster will strike when you will see that the pink paint is not turning white.

You may see that the paint is still pink even after the recommended drying time. You might ask yourself, “ Why is my pink ceiling paint not turning white?”

Your pink ceiling might not turn white for several reasons. Maybe you have purchased a bad batch of paint. Or, you might have mixed the paint wrongly. Even room conditions and insufficient ventilation might affect the drying process. Moreover, slow-drying paints might contribute to the problem.

This was just a quick glance at all the problems. Spare us a few minutes and you will get to know the reasons and solutions. 

Let’s begin.

How long Does it Take For the Pink Paint to Turn White? 

The Pink to White ceiling paint is a quick dry paint. It takes less than a day to dry in normal conditions.

It will take less than an hour for all of the colors to vanish. When that happens, the only thing that will be left will be the whites. After one hour at 77°F and 50 percent humidity, the paint will be dry.

However, Oil-based and latex paints take 6-8 hours to cure. Also, it can be reapplied after 24 hours to 48 hours. One hour is all it takes for latex paint to cure. It can be reapplied after only four hours. 

4 Reasons Why Your Pink Paint is Not Turning White [With Solutions]

You might be worried about your ceiling paint not turning from pink to white. You might be thinking,” I have applied the correct white ceiling paint, what’s wrong?”

There is a possibility that your pink paint will not change to white for a number of reasons. Do not be concerned; we have compiled a list of the potential causes.

Not only that, but we also have the answers to their problems. To achieve a quick and simple solution, all you have to do is follow the instructions. It is as easy as closing off lofts upstairs.

Here are four possible reasons why your pink ceiling paint is not turning white. We have provided the solutions too.

Bad Batch of Paint 

When you go to buy paint for your ceiling, this can happen. It’s possible that you’ve end up having a terrible run of luck. 

It’s very likely that you bought a tainted jar of paint. On the other hand, this is an extremely improbable occurrence.

A poor batch of paint is fairly easy to spot as it comes off the shelf. It may emit an unpleasant odor and grow molds nearby. 

Because it rested for such a long time, it can also have a lumpy texture.


If you notice any of the symptoms, the paint was probably a bad one. Contact the store you have bought it from and return the paint jars. If you have used all the paint, you can ask for a refund in that case.

Improper Mixing 

This is one of the primary reasons why the pink paint does not turn white. This frequently takes place. The texture will be ruined, and result in a mess if the ingredients aren’t mixed properly.

When red and white are mixed together, they produce the color pink. The amount of pink that is produced is proportional to the amount of each color that is used.

Increasing the amount of white will result in a pink that is lighter. Increasing the amount of red will result in a pink that is darker.

Hence, if you have accidentally added redder than the white portion, you might end up with a permanent pink layer. Make sure you properly mix the paints before proceeding.


The Solution for this improper mixing is repainting. If you have committed all your paint to the ceiling, repainting is the way. You need to wait for the paint to dry off properly. Then you can go on with the second coat.

Note that, you need at least 24 to 48 hours break before you can start repainting.

Room Condition

Another common reason for this problem is the room’s condition. The room may be damp or humid. Or the Ceiling may be colder than usual. This will take more time than usual for the paint to dry. 


You need to check and prepare your room before proceeding to paint. Worry not, the process is fairly easy and simple.

To clean the area, use lukewarm water with dish soap and scrub in a circular motion. When cleaning your ceiling, we recommend using a cellulose sponge lightly soaked in water.

The task can be completed successfully by using a conventional sponge mop, TSP, and water to scrub the walls and ceiling, respectively. Clean it with soap, then set it aside to dry. This will ensure that any moist areas of the ceiling are completely dried out.

Following this step, you will be able to move on to the painting process.

Slow Drying

Your paint will not dry like a circuit breaker won’t sit if you use slow-drying paint. This happens when coatings are kept over extended periods of time or at high temperatures.

Solvent-based coatings have a very thin layer that is easily penetrated by grease. This results in a surface that is sticky and does not dry out. This is because the coating is based on solvents rather than water.

This issue can also be brought on by weather that is either excessively cold or humid. The problem may also be caused by a lack of ventilation. Moreover, this can happen by an excessive amount of coating.


Add another coat of paint if you’ve already painted the entire ceiling. In the event that you are not pleased with the outcome, strip off the coating and try again. Make sure you clean the area beforehand.

It is important to bring both the room and the surfaces to the same temperature. Additionally, ensure that there is adequate airflow for a rapid drying time.

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Tips and Tricks on Ceiling Painting

In order to simplify matters for you, we have compiled a list of useful tips and tricks. The process of painting will go more smoothly if you follow these. Moreover, You won’t make the same mistakes twice.

  • The paints should not be used if they have been stored for a long time. The durability of coatings is proportional to their solvent or water content, with water-based coatings lasting around 5 years and solvent-based coatings lasting about 4 years. If they go beyond this deadline, they risk losing some of their possessions.
  • Do not use paints that have been stored at too high of a temperature. Also, do not use any paint stored for an extended period of time. When temperatures are too high, certain additives that are necessary for the drying process will evaporate.
  • Always make sure the ceiling is spotless and completely dry before you begin painting it. You won’t have to deal with as many problems if you do this.
  • Make sure your room has a proper ventilation system. It will speed up the drying process. A room without proper ventilation will be hot and humid. This will cause a slow dry process.

In the process of painting, We hope that you will find these tips to be helpful.


What Will Happen If I Apply A Second Coat of Paint Too Soon?

If you put on the second coat hurriedly, you’ll get streaks, and paint that peels off. You will also get an uneven color. This will not only ruin the whole project, but it may also cost you more money to get more paint. Wait until the first coat has dried.

Does Paint Change Color As It Dries?

Yes, the paint color might vary as it dries. The base paint layer is lighter or darker. Colors on the lid or paint swatch vary from dark to light when applied. No matter how light or dark, quality paint should dry before application. Once it evaporates, it’ll return.

Why Is My Paint Drying Two Different Colors?

Due to variations in temperature, paint hues may shift during some applications. If the temperature is more than 10 degrees lower than when you last painted, the touch-up paint will dry lighter. Warm weather has the potential to dry out a touch-up stain, making it appear darker.


That will be all on pink ceiling paint not turning white. Hopefully, you know the reasons and how to solve them.

Always properly clean and condition your ceiling before you start painting. Don’t use paints that are sitting around for a long time.

Have a great day.

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