How To Hide A Sink In The Bedroom

How to Hide a Sink In the Bedroom- Aesthetic Solutions


Your new house has a bedroom in the sink. And they are quite popular these days. But the exposed pipes and overall sink make the view weird.

You’re worried about ruining your room’s vibe. So how to hide a sink in the bedroom?

The easiest option is to get a vanity screen and cover the area. That makes it get out of sight. But if you want to showcase the basin, you could use a basin skirt to hide the pipes under it. If you have the space, money, and freedom, the best way is to make a wooden cabinet around it.

Well, there is the solution in brief. But to understand it in full context, you need to read the article from head to toe completely.

So without any delay let’s get right into it!

Why Should You Have A Sink In Your Bedroom In the First Place?

If you are looking to install a sink in your bedroom, then you know why you’re doing that. But if your apartment already came with one, you might be wondering why there is a basin in the bedroom. 

It’s a valid confusion, as we are accustomed to seeing basins in bathrooms or the kitchen. And having a sink in the bedroom seems a bit odd at first glance.

But if you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The bedroom is the last place you go at the end of the day and the first place you are when starting the day.

There are people who start their day with a cold shower. But for most people, it starts with being fresh, having breakfast, and then taking a shower.

Having a sink in the bedroom allows you to have a more versatile sanitation routine. You wouldn’t need to hop in the washroom every time you need to wash your hands. Or just get some water in your eyes.

Also, it is very convenient if you maintain a skincare routine. The biggest part of the skincare routine needs to be done right before bed. 

Having a sink in the bedroom will allow you to do that much easier. Without having to stay inside the closed space of the restroom for a long time.

The sink in the bedroom sounds like a fantastic idea. And it’s really convenient to use.

But to be honest, seeing a sink with its exposed plumbing lines isn’t the most aesthetic outlook for your room.

And that’s where the main discussion point comes in. We need to explore a few ideas which can be used to incorporate the sink in your bedroom. Without it ruining the vibe of the room.

So let’s check out a few bright ideas that we can put to use.

Ideas to Blend In the Sink With Your Bedroom

If you own the home, you can make a lot of decisions that are permanent. And if you don’t like that later on, you can just spend money to make it different.

But if you are renting a house or an apartment, then permanent changes might be out of the equation. Then you have to opt out of ideas that make your house look neat. Without you having to start a war with your landlord.

The clearance around your sink and the plan of your room also matters.

You can’t add a cabinet in a small space. As there might be an electrical outlet on the wall. And the switches might be too close to the door trim for the new plan to work.

Also according to your budget, there are some adjustments that you might want to make as well. So keeping all those in mind, we’re going to present a few ideas that work.

Well then, let’s start off with the simplest solution of them all.

1. Using a Vanity Screen

This might be the cheapest and the easiest option out there. Vanity screens are very common and very cheap.

They also come in a lot of color and design options. So depending on the overall mood or tone of your room. You can choose one that might even elevate the looks of your room.

Here are some vanity screen options that you can check out right now!


And if you want to look, there are many more options you can find. Hope this makes the search a little bit easier.

You can decide to totally conceal the sink with the screen. Or you could position it in a way that the sink is out of sight. But you don’t have to remove it every time to get access to your sink.

2. Hanging a Sink Skirt

Sinks themself don’t look too bad in your room. But the eyesore is the exposed pipes that are down the sink.

If you already have a pretty basin that goes well with the room. You can try out solutions to just cover the pipes. And that’s where sink skirts come in.

They are skirts that hang from the surface of your sink to the ground. More like a drape but hanging from the basin. It keeps the under of the sink away from eyesight.

And you can use the space under the sink to store other stuff too. As of now the space is concealed.

One problem that you might face is that the water can splash down. That will make the clothes damp.

And prolonged damped cloth can cause germs to grow. So you need to be a bit careful while using the sink. But other than that it’s also a cheap and quick solution. 

And it doesn’t have to be permanent either. Just a few screw holes and you’re good to go.

3. Building a Wooden Cabinet Around the Sink

This is a more permanent and costly solution. But if you are living in your own home then it might be a good investment in aesthetics.

If there is a bit of space from both sides of your sink and the wall, then it would be the perfect scenario.

You can use wood or wooden boards to measure and make a square cabinet. That gets merged into the sink’s boundaries. Then you can paint it according to your room. 

You need to do the measurements precisely. Because improper measurement can lead to an unlevel sink top and the cabinet. Just like when the cooktop doesn’t sit flush with the countertop it will look unpleasant to the eye.

This will let you have the same color going on all throughout your room. And also hide the ugly plumbing and create a bit of additional space under the sink.

And under that enclosed space you can store your skincare essentials, cosmetics, or your laundry.

You can use a waterproof coating on both sides of the material that you’re using. And it will make your life a lot easier as splashes will not be a problem anymore.

But before you apply the waterproof coating, make sure to use the right thinset for that. Because there are modified and unmodified thinset. And usually waterproof coating like redguard needs modified thinset.

These are solutions that you can actively try and do yourself pretty easily. The solutions include all ranges of people so you must find one that suits you.

However, sometimes we just like how the house looks. And don’t want to add anything more. Well, there are some tips for that as well.

What to Do If I Don’t Want to Add Anything More?

Yes, we get it. Adding or doing work in the room will lead to more cluttering. And you might want to have a minimalist life without wasting time and effort behind a sink in your bedroom.

Still, the exposed wires will stick out like a sore thumb. So you will feel the need to at least hide that.

Firstly, you can try using pot plants. If you have pants in your house, then you can position them under your skin. But do this in a room where there is enough sunlight entering.

Or you could try painting over the pipes. It’s not that effective though. As it would still be seen. So to overcome that you can use some wood or hardboard to create a cover for your pipes

And then paint over it matching your room’s paint. That will make it look neater and finished.

Hopefully, now the sink in your bedroom will not put a dent in your room aesthetics. On the other hand, it will serve as a very handy feature. No wonder these are getting so popular these days.


Can You Apply Leveling Compound To Wood Flooring?

Yes, you can. But beforehand you need to prepare the wooden floor for that. You need to sand down the wooden floor and make it totally flat. And block out any holes or breaks in wood from where the liquid might leak. Ensuring that you can use the leveling compound to get a concrete-like finish.

Is One Coat Of Redguard Enough To Waterproof?

Yes, the dry primed area needs one full coat of redguard to be waterproof. However, the thickness is an issue. The dried redguard should be at least 30-35mm thick. And when wet it should be 65-70mm thick. But the wet redguard filament mix should not be thicker than 125mm.

How Can You Understand That Redguard Has Dried Totally?

You need to know when redguard is dried. Because you need to apply thinset and mortar directly on redguard. Redguard, when wet, has a pink hue. And after drying, the redguard turns into a solid red color. So you need to let it dry until there is no pink left.


That tells you all about how to hide a sink in the bathroom. It is important that you know that because no matter how convenient anything is. We need good aesthetics for it to have positive results.

Until next time, have a nice day!

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