How Long Does It Take To Finish The House After Drywall

How Long Does it Take to Finish the House After Drywall?


You’re building the house. Your process of drywalling is finished. You know what to do in order to finish it. But there’s an issue.

You don’t know when you’ll be able to move into your new home(congratulations by the way!). 

So that might naturally lead to the question, How long does it take to finish the house after drywall

It generally takes around two to four months to finish the house. Other aspects such as weather may impact the time. As a result, lengthening the process. And other aspects of making a house may also factor into this. Certain parts like installing cabinets might be sped up, reducing the required time. 

There’s still the issue of possible optimization and variability. Let us look into the different parts of it and how to optimize their production time, shall we? 

How Long Does it Take to Finish the House After Drywall?

We’ve to an extent dealt with the approximations of the process of building drywall. The thing that you now need to know is how each of the components in the post-drywall house-making plays out.

We’ll be going over possible bad water conditions and other external factors. And then things that can be optimized. 


Unfortunately, extreme weather conditions will impact how long your drywall takes to set. Let us look at both ends of the spectrum to see how which part affects the process. 

The following problems will delay your house building starting from one to two days. 

And then ending all the way up to a couple of weeks. So it’s important for us to go through this section properly. 

Extreme Cold

Extreme cold will affect your drywall. It’ll often make the drying process slower. This will delay your house getting built on time. 

Temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit(10 degrees Celsius/centigrade) will lead to such issues. More importantly, you might find movement in the wood. This is caused by moisture movement when temperatures vary. 

Ideally, you’d want to avoid drywalling houses during winter if temperatures go into freezing levels. A room heater might work but it’s up to you whether you’d risk such high electricity bills. 

You’d want to take the aid of a joint compound drying chart in such cases. 

Extreme heat

will also bear consequences for your drywall. The heat may cause your drywall to expand. This may lead to problems of cracking or creating structural issues for your house.

Further problems may include the movement of components of the building as a result of this. So it’s best to avoid excessive heat conditions. As the issues produced will delay your house’s completion date. 

If the conditions are too dry then it may also lead to a contraction of the drywall. 

Extreme moisture or rain

Your drywall may be prone to such issues if it isn’t waterproof. Generally speaking, waterproof/moisture-proof drywall is expensive and is primarily used for bathrooms.

The issue with this is that moisture may expand your drywall. It may also grow mold around the drywall because of its inherent absorption tendency. The paper will be prone to mold. 

Protip: make sure that there are no cracks or leaks that may lead water into your drywall. 

Installation of individual aspects

To understand this work we need to look at the individual items of the post drywall house building. 

Painting the House

Using things such as brushes or brooms will do the job more efficiently. Things such as rollers tend to do a more quality job. But other means will be more efficient.

You may opt for aesthetical parts of your house to be painted using rollers. A house may take around a week or so to paint depending on the size of the house. 

But such optimization processes will curtail the process by around 3 days or 4. 

Trimming the house

It’ll take around a week to 10 days for three to four people to trim your house. One pricy way to combat this, apart from labor, is ready-made products. Installation of locks on  doors, while other work is being done, might help.

Cabinets and Carpentry

A process that generally takes around half a week to a full week. This can be expedited if the process gets more people involved or if certain parts are beforehand. 

That is, the drywall dring or the paint drying and whatnot.

Make sure that you expedite the process. Too fast may create issues but they should be dealt with. Issues like the installation of decks may be helped by this. 


This will be an obvious one. But you might want to just post ads on Craiglist to get laborers. The general wage will be similar to that of a construction worker.

The current hourly wage for a construction worker is around $23 in texas. It may vary from state to state. While things such as tile drying time might not be manipulable, laying time is.

Most construction workers are also very efficient at their jobs. If you can paint your house in a day then they can generally do it in only a couple of hours. 

Apart from laborers, a helping set of hands from the neighbors themselves may be enough. But you will not get the benefit of professional efficiency in that case. 

Laborers also tend to have connections with construction supply companies. Or their employers might. This might lead you to get better deals for yourself on crucial materials even during tough times. 

Here’s some info on the wages of construction workers that may help you.

Availability of Individual Items

This will be a relatively weirder section, but it’s still important if you’re invested in housing customization. The issue is that due to the supply chain crisis caused by covid, many materials are in short supply.

As a result, your housing construction post drywalling might be impacted by the availability of the items. Even if they are available, they’ll be super expensive now. 

Let us just look at the paint, shall we?

The raw materials used in paint have been in scarce supply. Hence the price has surged dramatically. But the main reason behind this example, in particular, is that many rare paints may not even be available yet.  

Don’t be confused over certain paints converting to other colors after drying. Like your pink ceiling paint not turning white. 

A newer price list for paint, sourced from amazon looks like this now: 

ProductPriceBrief Description
Wood Look Paint Kit for Garage Doors (Royal Mahogany)Around $80-90Two 16 oz cans of paint for garage doors
Sherwin-Williams CashmereAround $11 to $120A large can of paint for interior projects. Available on home depot. 

If you look up paints on amazon now, you’ll find out that almost everything is out of stock. Your only resort might be a home depot or your regular mom-and-pop store. 

Other items in shortage include paster and steel. If you live in a rural area then you might have to drive quite a bit. Only then will you find a place willing to ship in the material. 

Should I Optimise Building Construction Speed?

The exact issue here is that everyone wants things to be over quickly, which is understandable. While we’ve gone through speed optimization possibilities, some things should be taken slowly.

You shouldn’t rush the process. You’ll need to be patient for certain components to set. And for certain components to arrive. You’ll probably live in your house for quite a long time.

So make sure that you take your time to ensure proper construction and use quality materials. 


How long does it take to finish the inside of the house

It might take you around six to seven months to finish the interior of the house. Your timing will be impacted by how long each process takes. Depending on the state or the region, government bureaucracy might take a couple of months. Your local laws will determine what you can’t put in your house. 

How long does it take to drywall a 12×12 room?

It depends on the number of drywall sheets used in the drywall. Generally speaking, one that’s 12 feet by 12 feet will require 18 sheets of drywall. Considering the small size it should generally take in and around a week to drywall it. Other factors like drywall type also impact drywalling time.  

How long does pre-wall inspection take 

These inspections generally take around an hour and a half. It’ll be impacted by things considered to be  “suspicious” or “unsafe” in your house. There are general guidelines for this set by the American Society of Home Inspectors(ASHI). Prices will depend on visitation lengths. 


How long does it take to finish the house after drywall? Well as you’ve seen it tends to vary. It can also be optimized.

However, it’s also something that needs to be taken care of. Don’t rush the process. 

We wish you a happy new life in your new house!

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