What Grit Flap Disc For Sharpening Mower Blades

What Grit Flap Disc for Sharpening Mower Blades? : Explained


Sharpening mower blades is very necessary after a certain time. And it could be easy or hard depending on how you do it. If you can not cut it probably, it would be really complex. For this, choosing the right grit flap disc is important!

What grit flap disc for sharpening mower blades?

A grit flap disc has to be compatible with the mower blades. As a result, you can sharpen the mower blade with that disc. In general, you can use a 36 or 40-grit disc for this. Moreover, you may also use a 60 to 80-grit disc to get your mower blades sharpened too.

This is just a straightforward answer to your concern. But you need to go through the details that are here. And I got here useful insights too.

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What Grit Flap Disc Do I Use for Sharpening Mower Blades?

We need to sharpen the mower blades after a while. There is no fixed timeline to sharpen the blades. But we still do it on an average timeline set or whenever we need it.

And dealing with this is simple like fixing a circuit breaker not sitting.

Now, remember that using the right type of grip flap disc is important for blades. Because you would not be able to sharpen the blades with an unfit one.

Even if you do it, you could just end up deteriorating the blade. Now, you may wonder what grit flap disc is needed for this!

Well, a grit flap disc of 36 is fine for sharpening the mower blades. In addition, you use one with a disc of 40 for this. 

In the case of the pattern of the disc, you can be free of tension too. Because you are good to use straight or beveled wheels to get your mower blades sharpened.

But if you want to just totally move from the type, it would be crucial. Because you can not move to any random type of grit flap disc though.

Nevertheless, you can still go for a 27 or 29-grit disc for sharpening your mower blade. Remember one thing about the grit rating. 

This can change at times depending on the mower and its blade. Because some mower blades may go better with around 60 to 80 grit ratings.

You know this is generally a grit flap disc lying in the medium range. And these grit flap discs can be great for very precise sharpening. 

In addition, these flap grit discs help you to cut down things too. As a result, you may be able to use these discs for multiple purposes too.

But not all the blades may be compatible are fine with that. In that case, you can also consider talking to the company or manufacturer regarding it.

If you have a manual guideline then you may follow that too. Go through the tips or guideline section to have a look at that.

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What Are The Possible Ways to Sharpen The Mower Blades?

You know there are basically multiple ways that you can follow to sharpen the mower blades. The first one we saw here is the grit flap disc. 

And basically, this one is the basic and the most common one that is followed. On the other hand, you may follow another method to sharpen the mower blades.

Her you go to know about the methods in brief.

Method 1: Sharpening with A Metal File

There is an easy way to sharpen mower blades at home. You can actually sharpen the mower blade with a metal file. 

Yes, you can actually do it! In such cases, you must be putting the mower blade into a vise. And then you tighten it to make it secure so that it does not move at all. 

Now, all you have to do is just move the metal file on the mower blade. Like, you have to trace the angle to keep it the same. 

You will have to be making strokes in a specific direction. And you keep on doing that until you get a nice edge.

That indicates you need to carry on doing that until you see the blade sharp again. And that is how you can sharpen your mower blades using a metal file.

Method 2: Sharpening with A Bench Grinder

You can also sharpen your mower blade using a bench grinder. Although it is not a very common practice, you can do it. 

It is not typical in a way that not everyone owns a bench grinder. As a result, not everyone can follow this method as they have to buy it first.

But if you have one of these tools, you can follow this method too.

Method 3: Sharpening with A Rotary Tool

Sharpening mower blades is seen often today. You can easily sharpen your mower blades with a rotary tool. In fact, these are not that expensive as well.

You can even try sharpening the mower blades even without removing them. Thus, this would be a good option too.

And lastly, you can definitely hire a mechanic for this. Although, it is not that common to hire someone just to sharpen the mower blades.

Remember you may want to sharpen your mower blade without removing it. In such scenarios, one has to be aware while doing it.

Whatever method or way you follow, do not forget the safety measures. Ensure that you have your safety gloves and the goggles on whenever it is needed.

How Do I Understand If I Need to Sharpen My Mower Blades?

You know it is vital to reckon when you need to sharpen your mower blades. Because you can not actually get your desired result with a dull mower blade.

And you may also gradually start damaging your mower if you continue with a dull blade. Not to forget that continuing with the dull mower blade definitely deteriorates the blade itself.

Now, how to understand if I get to sharpen my mower blade? You actually get to see a few symptoms that you may come across for this. Take a look.

Symptom 1: Unable to Mow Grass Properly

First of all, it’s obvious that you would not be able to mow grass properly. You would see that the mower keeps on running but does not work fine.

A part of the area would have mowed grass. Beside this, the remaining portion will not be mowed. Even the mowed part would have grasses that are not mowed.

As a result, you would be able to notice the irregularity of the grasses. And that is when you need to understand the symptom of a blunt mower blade.

Symptom 2: Mower Stalls Suddenly

Another common symptom of a blunt mower blade is the resistivity to run. That means the mower does not tend to run smoothly.

When you are running the mower, it would start stalling. You may feel like the mower is jammed. This happens because the mower blade is blunt. 

As a result, this can not run or smooth properly to mow grasses. And after a while, you may also see that the mower stops all of a sudden.

You may be able to start over the mower again though. But the mower would start stalling again after a while. And once after that, it stops.

This is similar to hydro shark boiler issues.

Symptom 3: Color Change in The Garden

You know this symptom would be close to the first symptom. That is, mowing with a dull blade may change the color of the garden.

Yes, you read that right! When you mow with a blunt blade, your garden may turn a bit yellow. And the color may also vary all over the garden.

Thus, color change in the garden can be a symptom of a blunt mower blade too. And these are the common symptoms that you would come across.

You might be facing other symptoms too. And if you think any of those are alarming, do not ignore them. 


How often do I need to sharpen the mower blades?

Well, you may need to sharpen the mower blades about 2 times a season. Or, you may also sharpen the blades after using them for about 30 hours. Remember this is just a generic calculation that you may consider. But for any emergency, you may do it earlier or later too.

Can I use a multiple grit flap disc to sharpen a mower blade?

Yes, you can use a multiple grit flap disc to sharpen a mower blade. But that does not mean you would use multiple discs for a single blade. It is usually not that common to be like that. But you can use multiple discs for multiple mower blades. You ensure both are compatible.

Is it important to be certain with the grit flap disc?

Yes, you generally need to be specific with the grit flap disc. But you still can shift to the immediate previous or following model at times. This depends mainly on the type of mower blade and situations as well. Otherwise, it is better to stick around the type of disc it is mentioned.

The Final Words

Now you know what grit flap disc to use for sharpening mower blades! I believe you will be having no more confusion regarding this now.

But remember one thing. If you get any confusion regarding the grit flap disc, do not carry on. That means you ensure taking on the right one first. And then go for the operation.

All the best!

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