Deck Before Or After Siding

Deck Before Or After Siding? Here Is The Answer You Need


Decking may look very simple and cheap. Whatever it is, you can not just do it without a piece of proper knowledge. Because people often do not go as their plans and deck either before or after the siding. But it can actually cost you significantly.

Do I consider deck before or after siding?

Well, you have to deck before the siding if you have multiple floors. On the other hand, the deck after the siding goes for a single-story house. For ease, building a deck after the siding is easier than the other one. And the deck after the siding is also cheaper than the deck after the siding.

This is where you get started initially. But you need to read on to get into the main part. And you get here along with all the details we got.

Get started now!

Should I Consider The Deck Before Or After The Siding?

Building a deck is fun, especially if you have building deck tips. But what people are often confused about is building it before or after the siding. 

Well, to be very straightforward with the answer, it does not matter at all. That means you can accept both scenarios.

If you want to deck your house before the siding, just do it. On the other hand, if you want to consider decking after the siding, do it.

That means there would be no significant problem doing either of them. But do not forget that not everyone has got the same conditions. 

As a result, you may have one better than the other. And for that reason, you have got a comparison in this article. 

Go through the comparison covered below in a brief and in detail too. And then you decide which one would be better for you!

Duck Before vs After Siding: A Quick Comparison

You better look at a quick comparison first. And that is what gives you the very first idea of things.

ConditionDeck Before SidingDeck After Siding
Multiple FloorsYesNot Available
Ease of DeckHardEasy
Cost of BuildingAround $25Around $12

This gives you a good heads-up to the main part!

Duck Before vs After Siding: A Detailed Comparision

Now, you can finally get started with the detailed comparison. Take a look.

Number of Floors

You know that the number of floors matters when you are decking and siding. Take a look here to know more.

Deck Before Siding

We either always get a 1-story or multiple-story house or place. But not everyone has a fixed type of house. That means someone may have a 1-story building.

On the other hand, his neighbor may have a multiple-story house. Now, decking may vary in this case. 

If you are building a multiple-story building, it is better to go before. That means you have to consider decking the house before the siding for a multiple-story house.

Remember deck before the siding is also better at either 4×4 or 6×6 retaining wall.

Deck After Siding

On the other hand, you may have a house just with a single floor or story. In that case, you would like to go for the deck after siding.

Yes, a deck after the siding is better when you only have a single floor. Basically, a house with a single floor is easy to go with a deck.

Because you may even consider both a deck before or after the siding. But if you want to go with the better one then deck after the siding.

Winner: In terms of the floor numbers, the deck before the siding wins. Because you may consider this for any number of floors. It does not matter if it’s multiple or single. 

Ease of Deck

There is a level of ease when you are decking your house. And that matters significantly even if you do not have an idea about that. Take a look here.

Deck Before Siding 

If you are decking before the siding, it would be a bit tough. No, it would not be really tough or complex to deck before the siding.

But one thing you may face. That is, you are getting a blank free space. As a result, you have to take all the measurements precisely.

Because you can not make any mistakes with the base of that. Thus, you take all the subtle details and work accordingly. 

This may require some time but it would not be something impossible or very hard.

Deck After Siding

On the other hand, the deck after the siding is a bit easier. This is comparatively easier to do for a particular reason.

If you are decking after the siding, you are not doing it at the base. That means the siding of the house is already done. 

As a result of this, it would not require very precise measurements. Do not mix it up though. You definitely have to take all the measurements that are needed for this.

But as it is not the base, it would be a bit easier. And this would also be done within a short period of time.

You may also close the upstairs loft while decking after the siding. One thing that would be convenient with this, in addition, is the add-on.

That means you can also add something like a little bit of paint to it. However, that would need the paint materials compatible with the deck.

Not sure how you can get that? Well, do not worry and take a look at our pickups.

Product 1
Product 2

These are the ones that we found most suitable for this. We hope this works fine for you too!

Winner: When you think of the ease of decking, the deck after the siding wins. Because that would be shorter to do and easier to build. And you may also consider add-ons.


You need to have a look at the cost when you are decking. It may vary doing it before or after the siding. Thus, you need to have an idea about the cost of it. Here, you go.

Deck Before Siding

Basically, the project to deck the house has a certain cost. But it may change if you change the time of it. 

That means decking the house before or after the siding may change the cost. And most people tend to overlook this fact.

Well, if you are planning to deck before the siding, you need a good budget. By this, I mean the budget would be a bit more than the other one.

You would need around $20 to $30 for a square foot of your house. Thus, you can calculate the cost of the entire house according to this.

Deck After Siding

In contrast to that, the deck after the siding would be a bit cheaper. If you want to consider the deck after the siding, you spend very less.

You may need about $12 per square foot of your house. And it may go even lower at times. This may happen as you are decking after the siding.

Because you comparatively have less area to cover when you do it after the siding. 

Winner: In terms of cost, the deck after the siding wins. Because it would cost way lesser than the other one.

Which One to Go for Finally?

Here is what you need to see finally. Because you may still be confused with your final decision. Now, here you go.

If you consider the floor number, go for the deck before siding. On the other hand, you better consider the deck after the siding for ease of it. 

In addition to that, the deck after the siding is also cheaper. Now, we hope you can move on to the final decision.

And you better consider your conditions and scenarios before you make the final decision.


Do I need to keep a distance between the deck and the siding?

Yes, you need to keep a distance between the deck and the siding. It is a must to keep a fixed distance for this. To be precise, you have to leave a space for about 1 inch at least. You can keep even more space between the deck and the siding. But keeping less space could be problematic.

Do I have to repeat the project if I can not deck properly?

No, you don’t have to repeat the project if you just fail to deck some parts. You know it basically depends on the portion of the mistake. If you just wrong a few decks, it would not be a problem. You just rectify it. But if you mess the entire thing up, it would be a problem.

Is it too hard to put on siding after the deck?

No, it is not hard to put siding on the deck. In fact, it is easy and you can do it on your own too. But if you think you need a professional for this, you can do that too. Usually, the householders do this on their own which saves some money too.

The Final Words

Now you know if deck before or after siding to consider! You must not have any more confusion regarding this now.

Remember one thing. When you are working on your home improvement, always go for an outline. Try to have an outline that shows how your work would come out as. Because you would not just want to repeat a project.

All the best!

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