Beckett Clean Cut Pump Troubleshooting

Beckett Clean Cut Pump Troubleshooting: Explained!


Suntec industries have been developing the Becket Clean Cut Pump for a while. But we are having a lack of information on the troubleshooting part. As the technical bulletin might be confusing we cannot utilize the pump.

That’s why we needed a detailed Beckett clean-cut pump troubleshooting. 

Most users see oil leaking as a common problem with the Beckett Clean Cut pump. Due to extreme heat and pressure, the tank might explode. It can even create a fire hazard. However, installing non-compatible parts can also stop the pump from working. 

The preview might puzzle you a bit. But the detailed discussion about the Beckett clean-cut pump will not. 

Beckett Clean Cut Pump Troubleshooting: 4 Common Problems!

Becket Clean Cut pump is an amazing product of a joint effort. The goal of this pump was to give clean-burning benefits to the user.

The cleaner operation is much more reliable but it’s also complex. Because of the mechanical complexity, many users are shutting down the product.

That’s why a proper troubleshooting guideline is necessary. It’s better if we could give hand-in-hand instruction but the description might be enough for you.

So, let’s dig deeper and get into the troubleshooting of Clean Cut Pump!

Reason & Solution 1 of 4: Oil Leak

Oil leak is one of the most common problems we have faced with Beckett. Due to radiated heat or even oil expansion, this incident can occur.

There is a vacuum safety valve on the intel line. This intel line is equipped with an accumulator. The pressure relief feature is also available in this.

Now, if there is over usage of the pump the intel line may create a trap for the oil. The oil will start damaging some important parts of the pump.

The fuel unit seal and the line fittings will start getting weak due to extreme pressure and heat. 

As the lines and the fittings are not strong enough the oil will eventually start leaking. 

If the air is somehow entrapped in the nozzle area of the pump you will get leaking.

Make sure if you see an oil leak, seal the leak immediately.

Reason & Solution 2 of 4: Fire Hazard

Another common issue with the Beckett Clean Cut pump is the fire hazard. Beckett clearly tries to warn the users on this.

The fire hazard can also start from oil leaking. It can also cause due to overheating of the pump.

As we already mentioned, if the oil is entrapped it would want more space. Ultimately the tank will be a pressured area with oil and air.

If there is no way of leaking the oil, there will be a fire hazard. The extreme pressure inside the tank will start having a thermal expansion.

As the other parts of the tanks are not damaged, the fire will start. 

The fire hazard is more dangerous as there is oil to boost up the power. 

However, the oil is not only causing the fire. The pressure of the air and other components will have an impact on the fire. 

So, make sure to check that the air pressure is ideal and you do not have any combustible materials around the pump.

Reason & Solution 3 of 4: Compatibility Issues

Beckett Clean Cut Pump has a strict description of the kits you are using. So if you are using a different pump kit with another coil voltage, the pump will malfunction.

If you are a new user of the Beckett, you can find what kit and voltages are compatible in the manual you are given.

For example, if I use the PPF20322 (A2EA-6527) pump kit part with a 12VDC coil the pump won’t work. It can even stop working forever.

We need to understand the compatibility of the pump kit and coil. So with PPF20322 (A2EA-6527), we can use a 110/a 120VAC coil. 

Not only the pump kit and the coil, but also you need to check the Beckett part number and the burner models. 

The 2433 part can only be used in the SM / SF models. 

But for your ease, there are some parts of the pump you can use in All Clean Cut pumps. Such as the 21807U part. This is a Cordset – 13” Non-Delay part which is compatible with every model.

All PFx03x2 Pumps use almost the same Valve stem. So there’s not a problem there. 

So, you need to find your compatible part so that you don’t have any compatibility issues.

Reason & Solution 4 of 4: Pump Pressure Issue 

There is a specific pressure gauge on the nozzle port of the pump. This needs to be set to the required settings. Just check the manufacturer’s instructions for this.

If you bought the newest pump, the pressure at the factory setting is 100 psi. 

If the pump pressure is not correct, the pump will not be able to function properly.

So if your setting is required to be q00 psi but the pump is on 85 psi, it won’t work. However, less pressure won’t do any damage to your pump fittings.

But if the pressure is higher than required you will have to take some damage. The higher pressure needs more space.

So it will start damaging all the fittings of the pump. The nozzle valve, the compression fittings, and the fuel unit seal can also be damaged but access pressure. 

On the other hand, if the nozzle of your pump or the pressure gauge is not working you should replace it as soon as you can. 

Now if you have decided to replace any of the parts or even install one, you need to disassemble and reassemble the parts all over again.

Don’t know how to do it? Well, just read along because we got you!

Beckett Clean Cut Pump Reassemble

Well, considering you are not a professional we will keep this simple and descriptive.

To reassemble you need to disassemble first. The first thing you need to do is turn the power off and disconnect the oil.

The oil supply and the burner should be totally off. There is a cord set in the coil. Unplug it. 

Now, you need to remove the parts you are replacing. Make sure you are removing the supply line, the output nozzle, and the return line.

If any of the mounting screws are left, remove them too. If your screws are threshold adjustment screws you might face issues removing those. 

Just turn the threshold adjustment screws and dissemble the pump. 

You’re done with the disassembling. Now, check the compatibility of the parts you are getting replaced with your model.

Keep the new parts near you and dispose of the old parts.

To reassemble, you need to install the coupling to the motor shaft. Just applying a light coat of grease might ease up your way.

Make sure the mounting holes and the mounting screws are aligned. Just replace the new part now and you are good to go.

Beckett Clean Cut Pump Troubleshooting Tips!

Well, now you know what kind of issue you might need to deal with. So there are some troubleshooting tips that can help you maintain the pump for a long time.

The first tip we are focusing on is never going for more than 3 PSIG on the return ports. It’s the same for the pump intel line as well.

If you notice any damage to the fittings, try to replace that. 8 inches or 6, don’t use any kind of duct tape to cover the leaking. 

Always check the authenticity of the fuel you are using. The approved fuels can be found near you. 

For example, you can use the ASTM D396 for #1 or #2 heating oil. If you are near or inside the USA you can go for this. Look out for which type of oil you need if you live in other countries.

Well, you don’t have to search for the Clean Cut Pump fuel because we gathered an amazing list. Check them out!

Product 1
Product 2

Well, don’t be anxious if you can find the perfect fuel. You can use Stove oil and furnace oil only if you don’t have any other option.

Finally, for safety reasons do not use Teflon tape. You should also avoid using compression fittings. 

You should never place any fuel line restrictions which can increase the pressure. 

Well, that’s all you needed today!


How can I prime a Beckett Clean Cut Pump?

You can easily connect the intel line to the pump intel. Now just start the burner and open the bleed valve. Well, just do at least one turn counterclockwise. Check if the air bubbles are there or not. If there are no air bubbles you are done priming. 

Is It possible to get a Beckett burner out of lockout?

Yes, it is possible. The Genisys Primary Control is in a hard lockout. This means the control of your pump has locked itself out 3 times. You can hold the rest button for 15 seconds to get rid of this situation.

What should be the psi on my furnace?

Although we cannot put an average pressure, we can choose 20 psi as per the instructions. But you can choose to go around 30 psi. It’s safe around 30 but for most of the models, it’s not safe if you go over 30 psi.


Well, now you know all about Beckett Clean Cut Pump troubleshooting. So, you don’t need to worry about the pump anymore!

One last tip! Make sure you are safe enough for the process. If required take professional help.

Leave us with any comments!

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