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gray bathroom with white towels and turquoise accents

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Simple Wayfair Bathroom Refresh and Giveaway

I don’t know about all of you, but winter kind of kicked my butt this year!  I’m so happy that spring is finally showing up and I’m motivated to get back to it On Bliss Street!

To do that, I decided to start with something small that makes a big impact.  Plus, I didn’t really want to have to throw in any elbow grease or get dirty for this one.  I may have caught a bit of the lazies this winter.  Don’t judge.  You secretly feel the same way.  I know it.

So, with the help of Wayfair, I refreshed my master bath because it hasn’t been touched since we moved in.  I guess it’s not really high on the priority list.  The hardest part was keeping the dog quiet when the mail carrier dropped the package off at me doorstep.  Let’s be real- there is nothing more sacred than a toddlers nap time.  You wake the three-nager, you may as well have just tried to tickle mama bears armpits.

The super fun is browsing Wayfair’s stock of linens and Home Dynamix rugs for every room of your home.  You can’t refresh a master bath without some new linens.  I’ve got to be honest.  This is not something I shop for very often, but when I do, it’s almost always for the guest bath or the powder room.  The Master always gets the leftovers.  You know the ones…  The one you used to dye your hair pink in college.  Or the one that accidentally got stuck in your bag when you were on vacation from that really nice hotel.  Well, this entire refresh gave me the courage to throw those out.  At least out into the garage.  You can NEVER have enough garage towels.

I digress.

Let’s just take a peek at this blank canvas that is my Master bath.

gray bathroom with white whirlpool tub

You can say it.  The first words that come to mind are probably…Boring.  Blah.  And just plain fugly.  It’s okay.  I’m strong and I agree.

Now look at what a difference a few linens can make!

New towels + flair shopped from the rest of the house = Super simple bathroom refresh!

gray bathroom with white towels and turquoise accents


gray bathroom with white towels and turquoise accents

Not bad for about 3 minutes of work!  Hey, when I’m used to projects taking days or even weeks, this is a breath of fresh air.  Even in the bathroom :)

I am completely in love with all of my new linens!  The rug is so soft, it’s like walking on a bed of kittens…  you know, kittens that are made to be walked on and like it.  The towels are so thick and soft, they basically dry you off faster than a sham-wow thingy.  Now, I get to share them with some my favorite folks!

I get to GIVE one of my ah-mazing readers a set of the same rug and towels I used to refresh my space!

The winner will receive :

  • 1 White Soft Loft Microfiber Bath Mat
  • 2 White Quick Dry Micro Lush Bath Towels
  • 2 White Quick Dry Micro Lush Hand Towels
  • 2 White Quick Dry Micro Lush Wash Cloths

white home dynamix soft loft rug  home dynamix microplush towel white  home dynamix micro plush white towels

Now, YOU can keep your dog quiet when the mail carrier arrives, and take three minutes to refresh your OWN bathroom!  I know I’m super excited too!!  Go ahead and enter to win below!


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  • diva425

    Oh my how your post made me chuckle this morning, I too was less than motivated this winter and projects I had hoped to do are left undone. I am hoping the spring weather motivates me to do a few of them anyway. My master bath too gets the leftover linens so winning these new towels and rug would be a nice treat! Why do we neglect to spruce up our own private space?

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      I’m so glad you liked it! I know it’s a shame, my master is always on the bottom of the list!. Thanks for reading and good luck!

  • Carly Williams

    My favorite way to refresh a space is to add fresh plants or flowers. It brightens up the space and makes it feel more lively!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Hi Carly, I love that tip! I adore fresh, green plants all year round, but I’ve also been known to pick up some really authentic looking fake greens/moss to cascade over a crock or lovely pot. Thanks for reading!

  • Sherri Durley

    My favorite way to refresh a space is with paint. I love the nice neutral tone your bathroom is painted :)

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thanks lady!. You know my love affair with gray 😉

  • doreen

    I start with paint! Paint sets the tone of any room. Then choose two accents colors, and go shopping!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thanks Doreen! I love picking out paint colors , but I love to shop even more!! Thanks for reading!

  • http://www.construction2style.com/ Jamie & Morgan

    So pretty! Love those white towels!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thanks guys!. I adore your site! Thanks for dropping in! Xoxo

  • Ali Celestino

    My favorite way to refresh a space is to clean out all the clutter first then go from there with paints and style.

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      I hate clutter!. Unfortunately, with 3 kiddos it’s inevitable. At least in my master, I don’t have any bath toys to deal with!. Thank you for reading!

  • http://www.PixelBerryPieDesigns.blogspot.com/ Tarissa

    Changing out the decor always helps a lot!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      And it’s fun!. Thanks for reading!

  • AnnaZed

    The best way to refresh any space is a lick of paint, always!
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      I agree, I love paint!. Thank you for dropping by!!

  • Diana Cote

    De-clutter, clean and getting new decor. :)

  • http://thoughtandsight.com/ Holly — Thought & Sight

    New paint and artwork!

  • Bianca Munoz

    De-clutter and something that smells nice lol :) Thank you!

  • manda

    Paint always helps.

  • Tanya Litherland Hohe

    Love your site!! I just subscribed. I have to say what really drew me in is that your are funny as hell…excuse my french but “heck” would not have cut it!! Look forward to learning a thing or 50 from you. I am pretty handy, unfortunately I am VERY accident prone so yeah……..ever break your shoulder running like an ostrich?? Yeah that is me!!