Valentine’s Day Decor- in a hurry!

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Simple Valentine’s Day Decor Anyone can do.

Okay, so I haven’t exactly come up with anything great this year for Valentine’s Day, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  Well, mine isn’t broke, it’s just on repeat from last year.  Sometimes, it’s just got to be done!  I haven’t really had the time to devote much brain power to Valentine’s Day this year because I’ve allocated most of it to coming up with a great t-shirt idea.

“Why would you need a great t-shirt idea?”  You ask.  Well, I’m glad your so interested, really, it’s so kind of you…

I need a GREAT t-shirt idea for when we go to The Price Is Right Live!!!  Yes, I know, it’s a dream come true and I’m going there Friday! (Or tonight, or last year depending on when your reading this!!)  So many of my favorite things… Drew Carey, Plink-o, cars, excited-crazy people everywhere (my kind of folks)…

Then I realized…Hmmm, this isn’t the actual show…  Drew Carey most certainly will not be there, no t.v cameras, no yodeling,  but I can cross my fingers for the rest.  I’ll let you know if I get called to “Come on down!”  Or maybe I wont because I’ll be hot snot if that happens.

Anyway… Back to your regular scheduled program.

Here are some cute Valentine’s Day Decor ideas that you can whip up faster than Cupid could shoot you in the butt with an arrow.


Easy No-Hammer String Art

no hammer string art



Valentine’s Day Heart Garland
easy paper heart garland


Paper Flowers for any Occasion

paper flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day Loveys.