Bliss is Back! How do you give old lockers new life?

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old industrial lockers with custom wood frame.

A wood frame for old lockers.

After suffering from a case of blog-stipation, I was in serious need of a blog-cation.  Being any kind of  -stipated takes a lot out of you.   Any DIYer can agree that sometimes, you just need a break from hammering, painting, and DIYing.    I have to admit, it was kind of nice to not have to worry about having paint on my clothes or sawdust in my hair when I left the house for a little while, but I couldn’t stay away forever!  My house needs me…and I need it… I have to keep trucking.

Easing back into the swing of things here On Bliss Street, especially since the holidays are coming quick, I’m going to share a project that I recently finished.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember a bay of lockers that I purchased on Craigslist for cheap.  They were ugly, you may even say they were f-ugly.  Or if you prefer the pg-13 version, b-ugly.  Any way you slice it, they needed an upgrade before they could be brought in from the garage.

old, rusted gray industrial lockers

Not bad for $60.

rusted industrial lockers


gray industrial lockers

This is the, “Why did you bring these home?” look.

This isn’t really a tutorial, more of just some inspiration for you if you happen upon some beat up old lockers that need a home.

Using a sheet of 3/4″ purebond plywood and select pine 1 x2’s, and 1×4’s (this was not a cheap project, but there are plenty of other lumber options out there to meet your budget.) I made a frame around the lockers then screwed them into the studs to secure.  The stain is Minwax Provincial.

They are perfect to hold the broom, vacuum and all of that cleaning stuff that generally would go in a closet.  I have a closet, but eventually I will not since I have some big plans for that space coming up in 2016.  We better just start getting used to not hiding stuff in that soon to be non-existent closet, and stuff it in the lockers instead.

So, these pics are not staged and not really gorgeous, but as soon as my office is finished, I’ll pretty it all up for you.  Until then…

old gray industrial lockers with custom wood frame

old industrial lockers with custom wood frame.


old industrial lockers with custom wood frame.


I’m in love with the mix of metal and wood.  The best part is the paint.  It’s chippy, splattered and rusty.  I’m in love folks.



  • Cecilia Bramhall

    Oh wow, that looks great! Love the combo of metal and wood!

    • Erica

      Thank you Cecelia!. Me too!

  • ToolBox Divas

    Great Work! We missed you!

    • Erica

      Thanks girl!

  • Karla @SmallTownRambler

    These are awesome!

    • Erica

      Thanks Karla!!! Anything to hide the mess.