It’s Fall Y’all! A Peek Into Fall Decor On Bliss Street.

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Pin for later! Neutral Fall Living room decor On Bliss Street.

Inexpensive Neutral DIY Fall Decor

Hi everyone!  Today, I’m sharing just a little glimpse into our living room fall decor.  I’m constantly moving things around, but this is how it looks today.  I’m  trying to veer away from the traditional saturated oranges, reds, and yellows that usually say “fall.”  I’m loving the more neutral look of white pumpkins with wood grain.  Check out what I have so far.

Inexpensive White Pumpkins and Gourds

Luckily, Michaels has had some AH-MAZING sales this season!  All the autumnal (fancy word for fall) floral was 50% off, so I bought a couple bags of small foam gourds.  They were all different colors, but not for long!  For ease I was going to pick up a can of paint while there. Krylon has a chalky finish spray paint which looks AWESOME, but when I saw the price tag I thought otherwise.  One can is somewhere around $13 and even with a 40% off coupon, that is still too much for me.  Instead, I opted for the regular $3 can of spray paint in a matte white.  I had a really hard time deciding on white and ivory…Decisions, decisions…I ended up going straight white.

The bigger pumpkin is a Dollar Tree carve-able pumpkin painted with the same paint and a cute wooden knob  that I had in my stash from Habitat ReStore.  Totally cute.  Add a little reindeer moss and preserved boxwood (learn how to preserve your own plants here :) and your set.

Neutral fall decor with white pumpkins and green reindeer moss


Bringing the Outside in

I love to be able to bring the outside in whenever possible.  Our neighbor next door trimmed his apple tree and gave us all of the sticks and branches to burn in our fire pit.  So far we haven’t burned any of them because I keep hauling them inside for decor!  Apple tree twigs are great because they are rough and knobby with some great texture.

Another great natural addition are the cotton stems from Michaels.  Again, at 50% off I bought at least 3 every trip there.  They are great EVERYWHERE!

Neutral fall decor mantle with green chalkboard and cotton wreath

antique ironing board as a sofa table decorated for fall

I also am in LOVE with broom corn!  So gorgeous for the fall.  Junkin this past weekend, a vendor was selling 10 stalks for $1!!  I almost fell over!  I only wish I would have picked up some more…  It’s also the perfect time for Hedge Apples (those green things).  You know they keep away all kinds of critters.  It all looks great in my old toolbox with some other found treasures:) Yes… I realize my fireplace is full of ash.  Don’t judge.

antique tool box with broom corn and fall decor

antique tool box with broom corn and fall decor


Thrift Store Dining Table to a Perfect Coffee Table.

Lastly, I picked up this ugly, pedestal table at the local thrift store for $17.99.  A complete steal since it’s solid wood and structurally in pretty good shape.  Using a super sharp, antique handsaw that I picked up junkin strictly because it has a gorgeous handle, I trimmed down the pedestal to make it coffee table height.

Dark brown pedestal table

dark brown pedestal table with kid making a funny face photo bomb


A little wood filler and a little sanding here and there just to fill in some crazy holes.  More than one looked to be the tip of a Phillips screwdriver.  Scary.  I gave it a coat of DecoArt chalky finish paint in Everlasting, some light distressing, and clear wax.  It’s like a whole new piece of furniture.

white chalk paint finished pedestal coffee table collage

That’s it for now folks!  Thanks for dropping in to check out the fall decorating progress On Bliss Street!  Everything is always a work in progress, especially with three kids and giant English Mastiff taking up all the space 😉

fall decorated, neutral living room

fall decorated neutral living room



The two front rooms (his and hers offices) are being worked on presently and I can’t wait to share some of the things I’ve done in there!

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  • ToolBox Divas

    Oh I love it!!! and I’m obsessed with white pumpkins this year.

    • Erica

      I know!! I can’t wait to scoop up all the white pumpkins at Michaels when they start putting out the Christmas stuff!! xoxo