Does Your Kitchen Need a Little…Something? Use Spoons!

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simple spoon art diy project for your kitchen

Super Simple DIY Spoon Art for the Kitchen

I’m pretty sure you all know that I’m kind of a flea market/antique fair/estate sale/auction junkie.  Yes, I’m admitting I have a problem…With that said, you can get some great stuff for your stash for practically free!  Let me explain…

I really needed something for above my stove.  The stove itself is hideous, so a distraction was completely necessary.  Eventually, I’ll get a new stove.  Someday (You can picture me gazing upward with orchestral music in the background.  Dreamy, right?)

Until then, distract and redirect.  With something fairly cheap and simple.  Here’s what I can up with.


Yes, that’s about it, wood and spoons.

You can buy spoons of any flavor at any one of the above events for super cheap.

  • tarnished
  • bent
  • rusted
  • cut apart
  • painted
  • and on occasion, perfectly normal and boring.

The ones used for this particular project cost me $1 each and check off 3 of the boxes.

Bent, rusted, tarnished=GORGEOUS!

All I Did to Make DIY Spoon Art was:

  1. Stain a piece of scrap wood using Provincial from Minwax.
  2. Drill a few little holes to fit some wire through to hold the spoons in place and also for a hanger.
  3. Find some wire on your garage floor and attach said spoons and handle.
  4. Sit down and drink a cup of coffee while you are pleasantly distracted by your new spoon art and forget all about your ugly stove.

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Your welcome.