Want to Know How My DIY Wood Countertops are Holding Up? One Year Later…

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diy wood countertops update one year later

DIY Wood Countertop Update- One Year Later

I’ve had so many questions and features on my Wood Countertops that I knew a follow-up post was completely necessary.  Everyone wants to know how they look, how they have held up, are they all warping and rainbow shaped by now?  It’s been almost exactly a year since I finished the install, October of 2014 and this is how they are doing…

Here are the consecutive posts about the entire experience and the tutorial:

Okay, fast-forward to the here and now… Envision squiggly lines or Wayne and Garth doing the squiggly hands.  Either one will work.

All in all, the counters have held up AH-MAZINGLY!  They still look as gorgeous as the day I installed them.  Here are some basic rules we’ve adopted.

  1. We NEVER cut on them.
  2. Always use a cutting board and trivets.
  3. Other than that, we don’t baby them.  Sometimes the kids cereal bowls get a little stuck to them on the weekends and water isn’t always wiped up right away, but they look great.
  4. They are only cleaned with water or my homemade cleanser- recipe here.

Hey, don’t judge, this is life with three kids, it just got real.

  • The finish is exactly the same with no peeling, cracking or other weird things that could happen.
  • There is no warping, even around the sink or above the dishwasher.
  • No cup circles or discoloration from water anywhere- and we are NOT careful.  Even wet washrags don’t cause any damage.  I swear these things are bullet-proof…  Except…
  • I happen to have a ten year old who’s main chore is loading and unloading the dishwasher.  Because he cannot go play with friends until this chore is finished, sometimes it’s done in haste…  That will occasionally cause some dropping of glasses, dishes, or knives on the counter.  These will cause divots and dents in the wood.  Not the finish, but the wood.  This is because Aspen is a soft wood.  There’s no getting around it.

Here are a couple of examples…  They are really hard to photograph because to see them, you practically need to lay your head down on the counter, but you’ll get the idea.

Small dents in DIY wood countertop


Small dents from dropping bread knife on diy wood countertop

Other than that, I couldn’t be happier with these counters.  They hold up to messes, occasional standing on them to put stuff above the cabinets, and anything else we have thrown at them.

In fact, recently, I assisted a friend installing her own by following my tutorial.  I didn’t change a single thing.  Everything has turned out great and the quality has lasted.

Now, I may be a bit biased since I did build them from start to finish, my swear words, sweat, and tears went into these babies…In fact, it’s like they ARE my babies.  Therefore, I’m going to allow my hubs, Tyler, to share his perspective on our DIY Wood Countertops.


Hey there, I’m Tyler, the husband of Erica.  I’m contributing with my two cents on the counters that Erica made last year.
A couple points:
1.  Erica said, “Don’t get water on them too much, it could cause problems.”  I have gotten water all over these counters for prolonged periods of time with no adverse side-effects.  I clean them with a wet washrag and let it air-dry.  These counters have exceeded my expectations.
2.  Erica said, “Don’t cut on the counters.”  I have done that too :(  Now, I didn’t swing a giant cleaver down on them, but I have cut the occasional slice of cheese (pun intended along with real cheese cutting).  Also veggies have been sliced and diced.  I do mind the counter, but it has been very forgiving.
Lastly, I’m so proud of these counters.  I tend to take a bit of credit when my family from Minnesota comes, though I didn’t do a thing.  For the price, these are amazing.  Way to go Erica!

Quite obviously, he doesn’t listen to me very well…But hey, the counters don’t seem to mind and that is AWESOME!

I can also promise you all that there are some words happening regarding the “cutting cheese” and “slicing and dicing” with the hubs after this…

If you plan on building your own wood counters with this method, let me just say,

You can do it!  When I built these, I had very little knowledge of building anything and they turned out great.  You are capable of making your own kitchen awesome!  I promise!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  You can email me directly, leave a comment below, or connect with me on any social network.  I’m happy to help all my fellow DIYers!

Diy wood countertops update one year later




  • Becky ann

    Don’t comment on blogs much(read ever) but you need to know I am in LOVE with these counters and they are just what I’ve been looking for. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your tutorial is great and your writing is so funny, entertaining, and as a crazy mom of 3 totally relatable!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thank you Becky!. I’m so glad you like them and I would love to see any finish products!

  • Chantel Rundell

    I am seriously considering doing these but I wonder if using an exterior water sealer would be a good idea. What are your thoughts on this?

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      I’ve read where people have used Waterlox as sealer, but in my opinion its expensive. We are a year and 3 months out with no water damage whatsoever with the methods I used. Thank you for reading!

  • Juanita Raber

    Wow Erica,
    Your friend is sure fortunate to have a friend like you to help make these beautiful counter tops.
    So you glued the wood together? It looks like butcher block. Fantastic.