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Hi Everyone it’s been a while! You know how it goes, summer comes, the kids want all your attention and blog takes the backseat. That’s just how it is. Don’t worry, I still have a ton of projects queued up, it’s just actually writing about them that takes the most time. We’ll get to them, I promise.

Today, however, I’m sharing a really fun, super quick tutorial for June’s Cent-Sational Salvage Challenge, #itscentsational.  This month was “Your Choice” Therefore, I chose something at Habitat ReStore that is super cheap and they always have a ton.  Moulding or Trim.

At my ReStore, they sell it for $0.10 a piece if under 4 feet, and there is always a ton of little pieces stuck in the barrels.  Even if I don’t have any intention of using it, I usually pick up at least five pieces every trip because I know eventually, inspiration will strike.  Like today!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen the little Mason jar herb garden I planted a while back (if you don’t you can follow me here :) that I have just sitting up on my window sill.  I really wanted a cute little garden box to put it in and have on the table where the aroma of all the herbs can waft around.  Yes, I said waft, I don’t generally get to use that word much in daily conversation.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Lauan plywood in the size you want the garden box to be.  Mine was about 6″ by 18″
  • 4 pieces of trim the length of your box- mine 18″
  • 4 pieces of trim the width of your box- mine 6″
  • 4- 1″ x 1″ pieces of scrap wood or square dowels cut to the height you want your handles to be.  Mine are about 7-8″
  • 2- 1″x 1″ pieces of scrap wood or square dowels the width of your box- mine 6″.  These are the handles.
  • wood glue
  • brad nailer or hammer and nails.
  • sandpaper/sander
  • stain or paint

Step 1:

Cut all of your pieces to size.  This is not an exactly perfect kind of project.  All of the trim is a little different, which I love, so it’s a bit more rustic and willy- nilly, so to speak.

pieces of wood trim cut to size


Step 2:

Sand all of your trim pieces down to remove any finish that is on them.  Yes, you could do this before cutting them as well, but I didn’t.  I probably should have.  Much easier.

Step 3:

Attach long side pieces to the corner posts using 3/4″ brad nails.

Step 4:

Follow with the short side pieces to connect your box.

Step 5:

Attach your bottom piece of lauan by brad nailing into the bottoms of the 4 posts.  Your not going to be transporting puppies in this thing so glue isn’t necessary.  If you are transporting puppies in this, you should probably rethink your methods.  Even the Wicked Witch of the West had a lid on her basket and Toto still got out and felt the rains down in Africa.  Just sayin’

Inside of garden box


Step 6:

Add glue to the tops of your 4 posts and finish up by using 2″ brad nails to attach your handles to the 4 corner posts.

adding handles to garden box

Step 7:

Stain or paint as you wish.  Today, I just stained with Minwax Dark Walnut and called it a day.

Step 8:

Add your pretties and pour yourself a cup of coffee to sit and admire. 😉

Finished rustic table top garden box with mason jar herb garden inside.


I think this truly is Cent-Sational since it cost me about $0.50 total!



I’d love to hear what you think and what some other great trim/moulding ideas you have!

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  • Sue Pekarek

    50 cents for this centsational garden box is making me salivate at the mouth (not a pretty sight), so quit making such cute things. It looks fantastic! We are taking wallpaper off the hallway walls getting ready to paint and add beadboard so I’ve had a hard time blogging as well.

    • Erica

      LOL! I feel for you Sue, taking wallpaper down is such a hard job! Yes, summer and blogging do not mix well! I’m sure we’ll find a way to keep at it though! xoxo