$300 DIY Bathroom Remodel Transformation

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Hi Everyone, happy Friday!  Hope everyone had an AMAZING holiday last weekend.

Today is sort of a holiday On Bliss Street- it’s Kindergarten graduation day!  We are about to have a 5th grader and a 1st grader in the house.  Not to forget gorilla baby, but we have a while before he gets a title with “grade” in it.

Anyway, I know, I know, I’ve been promising a $300 DIY Bathroom Remodel and I just haven’t totally given it to you yet.  You know how it is, stuff piles up and bathrooms just get tossed to the side, but not today!  Today is not only Kindergarten graduation day, it’s bathroom graduation day!

I can check this bathroom off and call it a day- or a month…or a couple months- whatevs.

So, without further ado, here is my completely transformed powder room- the grand total is at the end of this post, but I promise you, it’s less than $300.


Just to refresh your memory, here is what I had to work with before….

builder grade honey oak bathroom

That was something, wasn’t it?  Let me just tell you that to get around the door, you needed to either be wearing Spanx or skipped lunch that day.  It’s was a tight fit.  Now with a newly installed DIY Barn Door, it’s not a problem and the room feels about 10 sqft. larger.  Unfortunately, I’m not sharing that barn door hardware just yet.  I’m going to wait until I do the hall/entryway for that one because I want to show off my custom door I will be building myself.  It’s all in my head right now.  I could draw you a picture, but it would probably look like I drew it with my toes.


Onto the good stuff.  Click pictures for links to tutorials.

Let’s start at the beginning…  Way back in time to when the bathroom was ugly… (squiggly, dreamy lines…) I started off with the baseboards which you can see here, and then moved onto making the room brighter and a bit more interesting.

white board and batten

Board and Batten Tutorial


Once the board and batten was finished, and by that time we had been living without a vanity for a good two weeks, it was time to get the floor finished.  I knew tile was the way to go and with the bathroom being so small- 25 square feet to be exact, it was pretty inexpensive.

First the linoleum needed to be ripped out and the floor needed to be prepped for the tile.  Not so bad, but still a process.

white hexagon tile with gray grout and white board and batten. Galvanized metal bucket

White hexagon tile from Lowes, Warm Gray Mapei grout, light gray Vera Wang rug from HomeGoods, and a perfectly perfect bucket from a flea market for the trash can.

Once the floor was finished, thank goodness, it was time to get the vanity back.  By this time, the kids washing their grimy little Crayola hands in my pristine kitchen sink was getting to me….

So I made a vanity from a board that I had found in a dumpster when a local church was being renovated.  Take a look at my free vanity and how you can make one for the price of a single board.

diy vanity with vessel sink

Vessel sink from Craigslist, but I saw one on Lowes.com, faucet from Lowes, Galvanized pitcher- Michaels, wire basket-Marshalls, Towels-JCPenny

Now for some storage.  This being the powder room, we didn’t really need very much.  Really just somewhere to stash the TP.  So I made this from a window in my garage and a couple boards.

cabinet from old window


So now the storage situation is sorted out, what about a mirror.  I just happened to have an oval mirror taking up garage real estate just waiting to be prettified.



last, but certainly not least… The hideous Hollywood strip light.  I have to say, I was stumped for a while.  I was sure that I would have to either cough up the bucks for a new light or completely remake one that I found at Habitat ReStore, but alas, I have done it.  I made this light fixture livable for a while.

As for the paint, I made my own from an old can of Weathered Tin Gray and off the shelf white.   I made a perfect match for the Warm Gray grout.

updated hollywood vanity light.


There you have it.  My $300 DIY Bathroom remodel.  It was quite a job, but worth every penny!

Here is a nice before and after.  Let me know what you think!

powder room watermarks


Now for a price breakdown-

  • Board and Batten Supplies- $30
  • Flooring supplies and tile-  $116.54
  • Sink- $15
  • Towel bar- $1
  • Faucet- $105.00
  • Window cabinet supplies- $$10.35
  • Thrifted mirror- $5

Grand total for a completely different bathroom- $282.89

I think that’s a pretty reasonable price.

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  • Cari

    Great job! It looks a whole lot more custom and a lot less builder special. Powder rooms are such a fun and inexpensive projects.

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      I know, we got so much bang for our buck here. Thanks for reading Cari!

  • Becky

    You are amazing, Erica! I learn something new every time I land on your blog and it makes me want to tear something apart and redo it. I have plenty I could do to my house too, if I had the time. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thank you Becky!!! Omg, I hope you do tear something apart- it’s so fun!!

  • http://www.bathroomsprayers.com/ David B

    I see someone who’s traveled and experienced the Hand Bidet Sprayer before, well done!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Haha, this comment just made my morning! I would love to say that is exactly why we have it, but the real reason is not as exotic. We cloth diapered our 3rd child and we used it to spray the diapers. I’m not sure I would use it as a bidet, the water is freezing!! Thanks for reading David 😉

      • http://www.bathroomsprayers.com/ David B

        Oh but you are missing out! A little cold water is refreshing and 10X cleaner than toilet paper. Many people are now using wet wipes but these are causing expensive clogs in the sewers. I love my Bidet Sprayer! Cheers….

  • debbiehaleyangel

    You did a fabulous job! Much much better!

  • http://www.housekaboodle.com Sue Pekarek

    It is not only a reasonable price, it is unbelievable! I have to tell you I think about your wood vanity and sink a lot – LOL – yep, I am dreaming about its loveliness. You’re keeping us hanging on the barn door so we come back for more.

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Haha, devious isn’t it! Right now, we have a door from my collection up on the barn door hardware, but it’s just too heavy and isn’t right for the space. Building one is going to be the way to go! Can’t wait to have a moment to get started on that one!

  • grammyweezy

    Hi! Awesome job! I am doing a little makeover of our bathroom as well, and I have one of those yucky Hollywood lights. Can you elaborate what you did to upgrade yours? Thanks!!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Hi Grammyweezy! I know, the Hollywood lights just kill me! Here is a link to my tutorial on how I upgraded mine- https://onblissstreet.com/2015/05/quick-and-easy-bathroom-vanity-light-upgrade.html Thanks so much of reading and good luck with your bathroom!

      • grammyweezy

        Thanks! After that comment I went down a Bliss Street rabbit hole- I love your blog! Finally someone as cheap as I am! Can’t wait for the barn door- I just bought my hardware last night and I’m excited to get into that project. Just 3,00 more projects to go and then we can sell this beast!

        • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

          Haha, careful, we’re all mad here!!! I’m glad you like my projects, and yes, I am a cheap-skate. If I can make it, why buy it?

  • Christina Faith

    Looks great! I have a lighting fixture like that that I hated so I painted the wood base a neutral gray (and painted the cabinet to match) and swapped the bulbs for Edison bulbs and the difference was incredible! It was a super inexpensive and easy change to make but it’s completely changed how I feel about the lights. Your bathroom looks great but if you’re looking for a way to update the Hollywood lights, give it a shot. In any case, good job!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thanks so much Christina Faith!

  • Joni Kinsey

    You’ve out done yourself, this is absolutely beautiful. And the money you put out is so minimal compared to a contractor remodel or honedepot/Lowe’s remodel. I have a bathroom in my downstairs that really needs a jump from the 70’s/80’s time capsule. I didn’t think I could do it a budget, you’ve cured me of that I all ready have some supplies and have a Habitat for Humanity on the corner from me…..sooo no excuses here. Thanks for sharing!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thank you so much Joni!. I’m so glad you were inspired and would LOVE to see your before and after pics!!. Thanks for reading!!

  • Joni Kinsey

    You are awesome! Everything I’ve read in your how to, finally makes sense. Easy to follow steps, besides extremely entertaining ( you must be raiding my brain) lol Anyway kiddos to you!