How to Easily Refinish a Framed Mirror

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Refinished thrifted mirror white and gray

Hi Everyone!  Happy Thrifted-Thursday!

With it being Thursday and I just happen to have an awesome thrift store find that I’m incorporating into my powder room, let’s just say it’s Thrifted Thursday and I’m going to show you how to easily refinish a framed mirror!  Using my two faves- Gray and white of course!

I have a tendency to go into thrift stores, allow something to catch my eye and my inner monologue just takes over,

“Come on, you could make this so pretty if you bought it.  Just do it.  You better buy it, someone else is going to.  Probably that lady over there with the set of porcelain geese in her cart…  Or that guy eyeing up that exercise bike…”  

There is always an exercise bike, isn’t there?

Yes, this really happens in my head.  It’s a weird place to be, you probably should just keep it to our casual visits here On Bliss Street.

So anyway, when I spied this mirror, I knew it had to be mine.  Why not?  Honestly, I can’t remember how much I paid for it because I bought it probably a year ago and let it rent out a space in my garage for that long, but I can tell you that if I bought it at a thrift store, I would never have paid more that $10 for it.  So, I’m going to make this a freebie on my budget.  Everyone like freebies.

Here is what it looked like in all it’s glory when I saw it, calling to me from behind a wrought iron canopy bed…

gold oval mirror

Hello Gorgeous. You looking at me?

Now that the powder room remodel is in full tilt, I knew this sweet girl just had to be in it.  That orangey-gold though, sheesh…

I would love to be part of the Chalk Paint Revolution,I would, but let’s face it, I’m cheap.#chalkpaint

 I can’t pay $30 for a little can of paint!  That is like 10% of my entire powder room budget!  I’ve tried to make my own from about a dozen different recipes that I found all over Pinterest, but non really do it for me… None of them are like the videos where you get to just paint it on and then wipe it off with a cloth until it’s all worn and antique looking.  I haven’t found a home-made recipe that is comparable… Or maybe I’m just a bad cook.

So, in the true spirit of On Bliss Street, I just used what I had.  I’ll outline my process for you…mind you it was an experiment.  I didn’t know how it would turn out, but I LOVE it!

Step 1:

Paint a thick coat of white paint all over the texture.  I used Olympic One Paint plus Primer, off the shelf white.  It’s the red label at Lowes.  As you can see, I left the sides because this was just an experiment.  Once I was all done, I swear, I painted the sides :)

White and gold mirror

When I say “thick” I mean it…

white painted textured mirror

Now, go get a snack or two.  Throw in a load of laundry, take a nap, whatever you have to do to let the paint dry.

Step 2:

Using a sponge brush, I brushed on some gray latex paint called “Weathered Tin.”  Just a cheap off brand that I had mixed years ago at Farm & Fleet.  I brushed about a 6 inch section, then I wiped it with my fingers sort of like I was rubbing in lotion.  Here’s what happened…

gray and white antiqued mirror

I was able to wipe the gray off of the areas that I wanted to stay white!  Just like the Chalk Paint Tutorials I’ve watched so many times!  The trick is to brush on with the sponge then quickly wipe off with your fingers, I mean like immediately, if you give the gray any time to dry, it takes the white off with it.

White and Gray textured frame

Your going to have to play with it a little to see what I mean, but the outcome is really beautiful.  It’s almost like those techniques where you spray paint the frame then apply gesso over it.  Only this is cheaper and it takes about 5 minutes, except for the drying time of course.

white and gray textured frame with gold edge

You can see where on the top of the texture it looks worn. Like there have been layers of paint worn down over the years.  Love it.

white and gray antiqued mirror

I did exactly the same thing for the smooth areas.  Only for them, I painted about a 3-4 inch stretch and then spread it toward the unpainted areas with my fingers.  It achieved that same effect.

Your hands get really messy, but if you are a DIYer, paint on your hands is the same thing as a manicure.

Here’s the finished product on the wall.  I cut off the rest of the room because it’s a surprise.  Duh.  You have to wait!

white and gray antiqued mirror on wall with tulips

Projects to come!

  • Vanity made from a single board rescued from a dumpster.
  • An epic place to hide the extra toilet paper.
  • A ridiculously creative way to make-over and upgrade a boring, brass, hollywood light fixture.

Then the reveal of my awesome $300 Powder Room Transformation!


  • Becky

    So nice, Erica. I have a mirror similar to this one that I could definitely do this with. Thanks for the information on the great products to use to get the same results.

    • Erica

      Awesome Becky! I’d love to see it! xoxo

  • ToolBox Divas

    The mirror came out great. You’re inspiring me to go look for a picture frame for a painting and refinishing it.

    • Erica

      Do it! Thrift stores have a ridiculous amount of ugly mirrors just waiting to be scooped up!

  • Sue Pekarek

    Like Becky below, I also have a golden gilded mirror I could do a makeover on like this. You rocked it x100.

    • Erica

      Awesome! Thank you so much Sue! Don’t get me wrong, I like gold, but not on this mirror!