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Tips to increase Google+ views.
How I increased my google views 600,000 views in 4 weeks

Would you like to share a freakishly awesome little trick that I’ve learned over the last few weeks?  I’m sure you do, but I’m not going to give it to you for free.  Your going to have to learn a little bit before hand.  Ready?  Okay, everyone be seated, pencils ready…

my take on it

Google + views are sort of the equivalent to Reach on Facebook.  The higher the views, the more people are seeing your content.  Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that all are reading every word of your posts, but you are showing up in their feed and enough people are clicking, +1’ing, commenting, and sharing with their followers to increase your views.

Some people can have huge amounts of followers, but very little views.  This means that their followers aren’t seeing the content that they are putting out and no one is sharing it.  There are a lot of reasons this can happen, but the bigs ones are:

  1. Your posts are not catching the eye of the reader.
  2. The content is lacking.
  3. You are not posting consistently.

Then there are those with little followers, myself included, but have now cracked the code on how to get your content seen by more people.  When more people see what you have to offer, more want to follow you and your blog.  With each new day, I’m getting more views and more followers.

This is especially important for those of us who are trying to put our “brand” out there.  When I see a post that gets my attention, the first thing I do is go to their profile page.  If I see that they have a ton of followers, but very low views, I immediately think that their content isn’t worth following (even though I now know this may not be true, this is the before me talking), but when I saw someone with a ton of views, I thought, “Wow, people are really interacting and engaged with these posts.  I want to be too!”  And I would follow them.  Thinking about my own actions made me think a bit differently about how I want to market my own G+ page.

One of my goals for March was to focus on Google + and start to build a better, more engaged following. ( I have like/hate relationship with FB, it’s so manipulated that it makes it really hard for the little guy, me, to get noticed)  I checked out my followers and views.  128 and 300,000.  Not bad, I thought, especially since I never really paid too much attention to G+ before.  At least it’s a start.

My previous G+ schedule went a little something like this:

On days that I would post a new post, 2 times per week, I would:

  •  share it on G+
  • and then in various communities in my niche.  About 10 communities I would say.

Yes, it was time consuming- G+ sharing would take about 10-15 minutes just to share 1 post.  That wouldn’t have been so bad, but I obviously wasn’t getting the views that I wanted to grow.

March 10th-I continued to do this same thing, adding to the same communities, but added a few posts through the day.  Not from my own blog, just interesting posts in my feed or the ones that I had shared on Facebook.

Growth was happening, but just incremental, tiny bits at a time.  Also, views are not an exact number, it’s more of an estimate made my Google.

On March 16th-I posted my Kitchen Transformation post. I did it the same way, just using a link and the “before” picture that popped up -Communities, shared publicly.

On March 17th- I decided to try a different approach.  I shared an old post about preserving greenery since it was St. Patty’s Day.  Instead of sharing it in the same communities that I always have been, I took a closer look at the communities available in my niche.  Most of the communities that I was sharing in previously had under 10,000 members.

I decided to join the ones that had more-way more.  Like upwards of 30,000 members in order to maximize the reach.  So now I would be posting the same amount, but 100,000 more potential readers would have my posts in their feed.

I shared my post in those communities and made sure to use relevant hash tags on each post.  I skipped the smaller communities.  This was just as an experiment to see if anything changed.

Then, I re-shared my kitchen transformation post, but this time, I made an album of some of the best after pics and added my link to the post in the comments along with the hashtags.  Now, 3 pictures showed immediately in the post like teasers.

I continued to share a few posts through the day as well.

March 18th, morning-I checked my views to see if my small sharing change had made a difference…

shut the front door!

It had- I had 401,000 views!  Whoa, that was a pretty big jump in just a week! 101,000 to be exact.
After lunch, I was going to share a post and just glanced again- my views had jumped to 435,000!  That is 34,000 views in a matter of a few hours- Insane!

Now, I’ve continued this same pattern with each new post, still posting only a couple extra shares a day, usually the same ones that I share on Facebook, tribe’s or an interesting Pinterest share and the number just keeps rising.

Along with the increase in views, I also am gaining a few more followers that are interested in what I have to offer.  It is both humbling and exciting!

Not only is this new method faster for me, but also it’s getting my content to more people.  Win-Win.

I have continued sharing my new posts in this same fashion, occasionally throwing in an old post since some of these communities are new to me.  I go through each and like, comment, share other’s content as well.

March 25th:
600,268.  Doubled in 2 weeks.

April 2nd:
939,888.  Yeah.  Code cracked.

my tips to increase your google+ views


  • Share interesting, appealing content.  Duh.
  • When possible, share using an album.  If you use a Picassa web album, you get even more views since they are operated/owned by Google.
  • Post a few times/day.
  • Share to communities with more members.
 more members=more feeds=more sharing potential= more views

I hope sharing this bit of information that I have learned along the way will help other bloggers trying to get their content out there.  That is what we are all trying to do isn’t it?

If you take anything at all from this post, take this:
The larger your views, the further your reach, the more potential readers seeing your awesome content.

Go ahead- spread the love and share this post.  Maybe you’ll get some more views!

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  • Erica

    Hi Giedre, Actually, my personal page and my blog page are one in the same. I never switched my personal over to business, I just don’t have any personal info on it. You can do it on either though. As for the communities, I just go to the communities tab on the left side and browse through to choose the ones in my niche with a large amount of members. Let me know how it goes! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  • fabulous fab

    Thanks for the tips, I have a lot of views but Im going to follow your advise to get more attention to my page. I have to be more consistent on my posting abilities.

    • Erica

      That’s great! Good luck! xoxo

  • Jess @ alittlepartoftheworld

    Thanks for sharing this Erica. I need to learn more about Google + and this helps. I find it very confusing. I need to sort out personal vs business. Also, may i ask… how did you increased stats on Google+ translate to your stats on the blog? Did you see more traffic? Jx

    • Erica

      I did see more traffic that originated from google- because more people were actually seeing my content on G+, but I’m thinking that your content is also crawled more if it’s put in the right places. Let me know how it impacts your traffic- I’d love to hear!