Upgraded Kitchen- So You Say You Want a New Kitchen? Come and Get it!

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Ah… Kitchens.

I’ve heard they sell houses.
Have you heard that too?
Once again, I’ll remind you that my ultimate goal here is to sell this house and move out to the country.  I’ll also remind you that I’m attempting to change our entire house with little to no extra money to do so.

Let’s face it.  Kids are expensive.  Houses are expensive.  

Life is expensive.  

Making your space better, doesn’t have to be.


With that said, since kitchens sell houses, I decided to start there.  Here is what I had to work with.


Yes… I know.  A dream come true isn’t it?

No.  No it’s not.  It’s awful.  Okay, it’s not like unlivable awful, but it certainly isn’t going to make anyone go,

“Whoa.  We should buy this house.  This kitchen is amaze-balls!”

That would not have happened.



Painted the cabinets white, added moulding and new hardware

.  Coffee was always perking of course.

The cherry table just didn’t look right with my pristine white cabinets, it had to go…Or at least be prettified.
 I didn’t want the ugly trash can sitting around, plus everyone knows “the” kitchens have a trash cabinet with awesome Cup Pulls


The white laminate counters, yeah they had to go.
Good-bye almond range hood.  Hello something… better.
Everyone knows open shelving is all the rage, all the cool kitchens are doing it!
Our little rolling island needed a makeover also.  White is the new cherry around here.
Well, much improved in my humble opinion.
Let’s compare shall we…
Camera 1: Yuck.
 Camera 2: Yeah.

Yeah…, but that stove and the floors have got to go.  Someday.

Cost breakdown for this kitchen:
Cabinet moulding:                                              $ 28.60
Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations:            $ 120.00
Cabinet Hardware                                               $50.00
Cabinet repair:                                                     $ 19.98
Range Cover:                                                        $ 23.10
Countertops:                                                         $195.78
Shelves:                                                                  $ 40.00
Craiglist Sink:                                                       $ 100.00
New faucet:                                                           $ 140.00
Outlets and face plates:                                      $ 52.41
Clearance Tile and supplies:                              $ 49.00
Grand total:                                                         $ 818.87
Not bad for a brand spankin’ new kitchen!For tutorials and the process of all my projects, click the links above or go to my Kitchen Tutorial Page!

The dining room is on my list, especially the windows.  They need casing/moulding and flair.  I’m tired of being in this room.  I’m moving to a different part of the house next!
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  • http://ohmyheartsiegirl.com/ Karren Haller

    Hi Erica, your kitchen turned out lovely! Congratulations on your feature on Today.com!!!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Thank you Karren! xoxo

  • Kara C Dondlinger Guse

    Could you share with me how you did the wood countertop? I am in the planning phase of the kitchen remodel….very similar…but love what you did instead of laminate.

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Hi Kara, Sure! Here is the link to the 3rd post in a 3-part series, it has the end result. https://onblissstreet.com/2015/01/brand-new-countertops-for-120-eat-that.html Let me know if you have any questions at all!

      • Kara C Dondlinger Guse

        Thanks. Found it last night after searching. My husband and I are going to make that part two in our kitchen remodel. Love the idea! Thanks!!!

        • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

          That is awesome!! I would LOVE to see the end result!! I’m like crazy for wood countertops now!

  • Jennifer

    HI! I can’t seem to find the link to make the open shelving. Thanks! Great job!

  • Danny Hearn

    I swear the before pictures of your kitchen look like they could have been taken in our kitchen. Layout and cabinet type are almost identical. You’ve given us some hope that we can do something with ours without doing a gut job. Thanks.

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Hi Danny! I hope you can too! Join my Cheap-o Challenge and do it along with me! Check it out here- Da Rules.


    I like the idea of the counter tops in wood & staining them. I am in the process of building an island 4′ X 8’……without spending so much money on custom counter tops…..Thank you so much >,<

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Awesome, I’d love to see the finished product!

  • Laurie Hansen Donati

    Looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to get started on mine once summer hits! I’m a teacher and a mama, so have a limited budget, I really want to know where you got such reasonably priced cabinet and drawer pulls. I love your style!

    • https://onblissstreet.com Erica

      Hi Laurie, actually, I got them on Ebay! Super reasonable and they are really great quality- Amerock I think was the name of them.