National Craft Month- Do You Suffer from C.A.D.D??

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National Craft Month with Craftsy

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C.A.D.D Do you suffer from Craft Attention Disorder graphic for Naional Craft Month

Were any of you aware that March apparently is National Craft Month?
Every month gets something, so if I’m going to celebrate any of them, this one is right up my alley.

I love creating and making just as much as the next guy, but what I really enjoy is learning how to do something new.
Generally, if you have been reading about me, I’m not the type to go take a traditional class- either it costs too much money, or I’m just impatient and want to “do it myself.”

Plus, I quite possibly have C.A.D.D- 
Craft Attention Deficit Disorder.

Symptoms include:

  •  Obsessively searching Pinterest for the next “new thing.”
  • Frequently starting another project before finishing the last 3 you’ve started.
  • Your “to do” lists get longer and longer, but never get shorter.
  • The “hobbies” section on your FB page changes weekly.
  • You have dabbled in so many things, you could build a rocket out of the stuff in your craft closet.

I know, it sounds bad doesn’t it?  I can honestly say though, I have a proven method to alleviate the symptoms of CADD that doesn’t involve medication- unless you put wine in that category.  Which I do not…


I’ve taken practically all of their free classes because I’m nutty like that and just can’t help myself.  
The kids watched Cake Boss a couple times and I was all like, “Puh, I can do that.”  Boom, I made a super awesome cake with a fondant bow that I learned to make on Craftsy.  

We drove through the rich neighborhood and the kids were all like, “Mom, why don’t we have flowers and stuff like those people?”  Boom, I planted some and had a sweet garden which I learned how to do on Craftsy.  Then they died- they didn’t teach me that.  I did that part all by myself.

With all of that said and this being National Craft Month, Craftsy is offering a ton of their classes for up to 50% off!  
  • There are still the free ones of course, which are awesome, but you can pick a specific class for super duper cheap.  
  • The best part though is that you have a money back guarantee.  If you really didn’t like the class, didn’t learn anything you didn’t already know, or you just clicked and then changed your mind- you get your cheese back.  No risk I tell you.  
  • The only problem with this whole thing… It only lasts until Monday!!  
  • The awesome thing about this whole thing…  you can take classes anytime- even after Monday!

To browse all of the classes, the free and the affordable, click the pictures above or any of the banners on my page.

You better get crack-a-lackin’
I hear if you don’t treat C.A.D.D, 
you’ll get a nasty itch and go bald 😉
Just sayin’


  • Heather Shannon

    Hi, My name is Heather, and I suffer from C.A.D.D I thought I had it under control but then I found an old “Must Make This Craft” list and I spiraled back out of control!

    • Erica

      It’s okay Heather, we’re here for you. It’s happened to us all!

      • Heather Shannon

        Thanks for the Craftsy suggestion though! I’m heading over there right now!

        • Erica

          I have a love affair with Craftsy. Let me know what you find!

  • Heather Shannon

    What about #cronicdiy

    • Erica

      I like it. Or #craftarrhea 😉 #craftstipation- depending on your symptoms 😉