Tips to Stop Blogging From Taking Over my Life.

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I’ve been blogging for about 5 months now and I have to say, it really could be a full-time/over-time job.  This is my plan on …
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Blogging is addictive.
It’s like a really big Dear Diary entry that everyone will read.
The only problem is that it is really time consuming.  Here is a breakdown of what it takes for me to keep posting.

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Duh, I need content to post.  Not just silly content that will fill empty internet space, but good solid projects that will catch a readers eye.  Something that will make them say, “Hmmm, I can do that!  What a great idea!”  Those kinds of projects usually take a fair amount of time and money.

Any blog needs nice photos to go with their projects.  No one wants to look at a fuzzy picture that looks like it came from a phone with a smudged lens.  No!  Those are not Pintastic photos that are going to make people read your posts.  Good pictures take time and editing.

After you have taken the time to shop for your project, create your project (it takes twice as long because you have to take a bunch of pictures as you are doing it), Take and edit the photos of your project, you have to put it into words.  Words that are going to make your reader laugh, cry or just feel plain inspired.  Good luck doing this in less than a couple hours and then the 4 times you proofed and edited it.

Great so now you have a post.  It’s amazing.  It’s fantastic.  There is nothing you could do to this post to make it any better.  The masses will be copying and creating the thing in your post all over the world once they see it.  Oh wait.  How do you get people to see it.

That’s where more time comes in.

Social Media.

You need to share your post on all Social Media fronts- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc… There are so many, it’s hard to keep track.  Then there are groups.  So many groups to help pass your stuff along, but you have to do your duty and do the same thing to other’s posts.  You post one link and have to share 102!! Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  You sometimes get it back, but not always.  That’s the risk you take.  So what do you do?  You go to another group and do the same thing.  Rinse, wash, Repeat….SO MUCH TIME!

Link Parties.
Link Parties are a great place to meet other bloggers and see some really good content.  What I do is share 1-2 posts, then click and comment on the same amount as I posted.  It’s only fair to spread around the goodness.  My mama taught me to thank a host when you go to a party so I always leave a comment.  Always!  Take this times 5-7 link parties a day…  That’s like… 2 + 2 + 4+8….carry the 1…  Too many clicks to figure out.

So what am I getting at you ask?  Well, I needed to figure out a way to do all of this and still keep my laundry from piling up, my kids from forgetting my name and becoming Vitamin D deficient from sitting inside on the computer all day.  I’ll share my plan with you.  I’m still getting used to it.

laptop with On Bliss Street on screen and baby monitor next to it.

Morning- 1 hour

  • Share new post on google+ (it is automatically shared there when I post, but I do it again), Twitter, Stumble Upon, and 1 Pinterest Board.
  • Link post up to the 5 groups that I am involved in and re-share, pin, etc other’s from the group.
Grow Your Blog
Blogging on the Side Group
Pinterest Promotion for Awesome Bloggers
Website and Blog Promotion
Blogging to Success
  • Reply to any comments on my own blog.
Noon- 1 hour- nap time.
  • Catch up on the Pinterest Promotion Group.
  • Share, click, comment on my Tribes posts.
  • Stumble on StumbleUpon for a few minutes.
  • Start working on new post if time allows.
Afternoon- 20 minutes before starting dinner
  • Reply to any comments on my blog.
  • Add a few Pinterest pins to Boardbooster.
Evening- After kids are in bed and if I’m caught up on the most recent Walking Dead and Girls.
  •  Link up my new post to the next days link parties.  Here is a list of where I link up.
  • Clean up my Pinterest Boards and Schedule pins with Board Booster.  This is a really great tool that has saved me a ton of time on Pinterest and doubled my re-pins.  If you click my link and sign up for the free trial, I’ll get a little credit :).  After using it for about 2 months, I just paid for my first subscription ($5 for 500 pins).  I began pinning about 50 pins/day and get new followers daily.
  • Continue working on a new post.  (With each new post, I schedule it for my blog, make post for HomeTalk, Copy it to BlogHer if have a chance, and create a guide for GuideCentral.
  • Tops- 4 hours in the wood shop or equivalent, where ever I need to be to work on project.  This is Daddy/kids time :)
  • Face Book sharing always happens during coffee time in the morning.  I’m a pretty slow social networker on the weekends.  Mostly just pithy one-liners or silly things that happened that day.
  • Sunday evening once the kids are in bed- write out (yes with a pencil and paper- it’s so barbaric!) my blogging schedule for each part of the day.  Schedule all of my FB posts for the week.
I keep shopping for projects to a minimum.  What I like to do is buy my stuff online through Ebates, then I can just roll up to the door, go to the customer service desk and it’s all there waiting for me.  This does 3 things:
  1. Saves me time/energy.
  2. Saves me money since I’m not impulse buying as I walk around the store.
  3. Makes me money through Ebates.  I love cashing Ebates checks!  If you click my link I’ll get a little bonus and you do too!
Instagram gets a pic every now and then if it suits me…  I’m working on IG a bit more now, I’m trying to do better :)
So there ya have it.  I’m going to attempt to not let my blog take over my life.   Maybe my kids will start calling me “Mom” again instead of, “that lady with the crazy eyes in front of the computer.”I hope this will help other bloggers who are suffering from Life Sucking Blog Syndrome!  I will no longer be one of them!  But, oh how I love to blog…

enjoy the little things someday you will realize they were the big things


Those of you out there, let me know what your secret weapons are.  Share the wealth with the class.  I’d love to hear them!
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