Cheap-o Room Challenge

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Room Upgrade Challenge
Challenge yourself with On Bliss Street

Any room can be made gorgeous, especially if you have a budget for it.  Well, as you all should know by now… I do not.

But that isn’t stopping me.  And it shouldn’t stop you either.

So here we go… I’m challenging you- All of you- to upgrade your home on the cheap.

It’s possible, it’s completely do-able, you can see from my kitchen before and afters, you can do this!

white updated after kitchen

Here’s your challenge if you choose to accept it:
The Cheap-o Room Challenge
  • Upgrade your room by any means necessary.
  • Upgrade your room without going over the allotted budget.  Not even 1 penny!
  • Upgrade your room by using your brains, brawn, or whatever you find in the trash or God gave you to get it done.
  • Share your triumph to inspire other’s that they can do it too!
Let’s do a room break down with a reasonable budget for each and I will follow the same rules!
These budgets do not include the tools necessary to get the job done- those get to be used again!
The Bones of a House:
– $1000 –
This budget does not include new appliances if purchasing any.
Dining Room
– $300 –
Remember, old furniture can be new again with a little elbow grease and Pinterest stalking.
Living Room
– $1000 –
 I’m giving this one a fairly high budget since sometimes, you just need a new sofa…
Full Bath
– $1000 –
this is a big one, Bathrooms sell houses.
Master Bedroom
– $400 –
come on, you can do it!
Girls Room and/or Boys Room
– $300 –
They can be any age any style, just make it great and keep it cheap!  Let’s say this doesn’t include bedding- that can get spendy, but oh so fun to shop for!
Those Extra Spaces:
Laundry Room
– $200 –
It’s not Buckingham Palace guys, it’s for dirty clothes.  Unless you are blessed to have a wash basin and such- then let’s up it to $400- Faucets are expensive.
– $250 –
if you need to build bookcases or anything, it’s going to be more, but this is an upgrade challenge- not a “let’s re-build Initech” Yes, I just used an Office Space reference…
Entryway or Foyer
– $500 –
This is because it’s the first place anyone sees when they walk in, let’s wow them!
Powder Room or Half Bath
– $300 –
That’s right, and that is only because faucets can cost upwards of $150!
– $300 –
Get creative folks, there will always be mud.
Master Bath
– $1000 –
Baths sell houses and we need somewhere awesome to get away from the kids!

So that’s it!  Is anyone with me?  Uh oh… I think I may hear crickets…  That’s okay, I’m going to show you it’s possible and then you’ll jump on the bandwagon!  When all the cool kids are doing it, then you’ll join in- I know it!

Here’s the thing- 
I want to see ALL of it!
Before’s, afters, and everything in between!
Shoot some pics and tag OnBlissStreet on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google+  and I’ll post them!  Fill out the form below! 
I also would love a price break down as well!  
Share it, bask in the triumph of getting it done on the cheap!  
Tell me how you did it, how you built it, how you laughed, cried and swore through it!
And I’ll do the same!
I cannot WAIT to see what you’ve all done!