Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

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heart garland text
DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Garland, It’ll go “Crazy on You!”

Come on, the garland is made of paper hearts- where else will I ever get the chance to use a Heart song title in my post title?  Probably never, but today let’s see how many we can use shall we…

I’ve seen this idea all around the internet so this obviously is not original, but this little garland is super easy that even a 6 year old can do it!  Mine actually did.  This activity really is great for motor planning- it involves patterns, folding, and gluing little strips in place all at the same time.  We try to pick activities that will incorporate what Z is doing in therapy at home in a fun way.  That’s why I’m sharing this today.

Alright, Let’s “Kick it Out!”

First, cut card stock or construction paper, whatever you have on hand, into little strips.  Ours were about 5 1/2″ long by 1″ wide.  You don’t have to be to persnickety, they probably would look great with varying sizes as well.  Hmmm….  Just thought about that- we’ll do that next time.
We used Red, Hot pink, and light pink.  What’s more Valentine’s Day than that?

Strips of pink, red, hot pink paper

Next, we folded all of the strips in half.  If you have a textured side that you want showing, fold it so that it is facing out.

Once we had them all folded, Z picked a pattern that she liked and put it out on the table.  Then the real task of fine motor planning began.  You need to decide where to put the glue to make the hearts.
We used a hot glue gun for this so be careful with your little ones- especially if their fine motor skills are still developing.

folding pink paper

Place a bead of glue on the edge of the open side of a folded strip.

red strip of paper with glue


Attach your next piece by laying it, folded edge, onto the glue.
adding pink strip to red


Then,  add a bead of glue to the folded side of your new piece.  
glue second piece of paper.


Fold the open edge of the first piece (ours was red)  over, gently arching it and attach it “Straight On” to the glue on the second piece.  This will create your first heart.
make second piece into heart shape
“Even it Up” (how many Heart songs is that now?  4:) until all 4 layers of paper are straight and pinch till dry.
pinch until glue is dry


Then open up the piece on top and add a drop of glue onto the fold.  
Add drop of glue to center fold

Pinch all 4 layers again until glue is dry.  This last drop of glue will hold the paper in the heart shape more.
The first heart link

Continue on for the next 50 strips and you’ll be “Magic, Man.”  Little fingers may get tired after a few so this project took us a bit longer than the average bear.  You may “Never” want to do this again, but this garland will last long enough that you won’t have to.  Now your no longer “Heartless”you have about 50 of em’!

Wow, I really tried to get “Bebe LeStrange”and “Barracuda” in there, but I just couldn’t do it!   Bummer!  7 isn’t bad though.
Let me know if you can do any better!

Happy Valentine’s Day!