Simple Book Page Art Tutorial

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How to Easily Decorate Above the Kitchen Cabinets with this simple book page art tutorial.

This post contains links to merchants who have given free products for use in this tutorial.  For more info please see my Disclosure.

Let me just start off by telling you a little bit about my Ex.  We had quite a history for a long time.  That was before I knew better.  So many memories, sprawled out in front of the fireplace, across the mantle, heck even on the dining room table, but the most awkward place was on top of my kitchen cabinets.

My Ex’s name is Artificial Ivy.  Or Arti.

What were you thinking?  This is a family show, let’s keep it clean.

That’s right, that fake green ivy that always looks dusty no matter what you do.  Then when you finally do get all the grime off, you have to figure out how it fit up there in the first place.  Plus, let’s just face it- it is so ugly.  Really, I’m sorry I have to be the one to break it to you, but it’s time you cut that cord.  It’s time to get rid of your dead beat Arti.

Okay, so now that you’ve done it, you’ve broken it off clean, what are you going to do with all of that wasted space?  What should your rebound be?  

Well, I’ll show you. 

 I’ve hand picked a couple of my favorite, simple, over the cabinet ideas that anyone can do.  After we look at those beauties, I’ll show you my super simple over the cabinet transformation and give you a little tutorial to recreate at your will.

I’m a huge fan of keeping like with like, especially above the cabinets.  Otherwise, they end up cluttered, unorganized and confusing.  Now this would be easy to achieve for anyone who has a beautiful silver collection or a bunch of enamel pitchers, but what about the rest of us who do not?  Well, here are some examples that we, the budget conscious, can totally recreate for super duper cheap with out it looking like it.

Ready?  There are plenty of fish in the sea, so to speak.  Let’s see some shall we!

Somewhat Quirky Design

Okay, so here these plates are surrounding a window, but how amazing would this same sculptural effect be over your cabinets?     
Plus, ALL thrift stores carry a ton of cheap-o, mis-matched plates and saucers.  A couple trips and you could fill your whole wall for $20!
Photo: Scott Fazzini
Books.  What an awesome place to stack your books.  Take off the paper covers and let the beauty of the original binding shine through.  Or even cover them all with the same color paper for a monochromatic look.  Stack them all upright or mix with some stacked sideways.  Again, don’t have enough books, but love the look?  Your local thrift store has a ton and for $.25 each.
As for the top of my cabinets, I was looking for something simple and classic.  I didn’t want to have to climb up there and move stuff around for every single season or holiday.  Dusting is enough hassle. 

My kitchen is pretty neutral- black, white, wood, autumn haze and an occasional dash of aqua.  I wanted to incorporate something that goes with the vintage look I like so much.  Also, if you haven’t noticed, I love book pages.  

This is how I trade one really bad Arti for some really great Art.
I found a couple shops on Etsy with really beautiful artwork.  One digital, one sketch, and wanted to incorporate them into my home.  
Digital Design Vault and Bleu Herron
Both shops were extremely generous in allowing me to use their art for this tutorial.   Laura at Bleu Herron allowed me to use a photo of one of her own sketches.  I practically begged her because it was so beautiful. Also, Tami at Digital Design Vault is kind enough to offer my readers 30% off through the end of April.  Just use coupon code:

 I completely disagree with the idea of using another artists work without their permission.  I recommend purchasing your images   instead of attempting to just use any you find on the internet.  Not only will the quality not be as good, but ethically, it’s just wrong.  Just ask Napster.

  • I chose these particular sketches because I knew they would look beautiful on a vintage book page.  Again, I took out my trusty vintage dictionary (thanks Mom), and carefully removed a few pages from the binding.


  • Open the image on your computer, whichever program you prefer, I use a Mac and Preview works just fine for me.  I don’t use any fancy program or anything.  Depending on the picture your using, remember to adjust to portrait or landscape for printing.  Mine are all landscape so they will fit the frames that I bought.


  • Basically, all I’m doing is printing the images onto the book pages.  To do this it may take a couple tries, all printers are different.  Mine works great as long as I do one page at a time.  I do not have a fancy printer by any means.  It’s a $30 copy/printer model and they still come out lovely.


There, now you have the images on the book pages.
Initially, I was going to place the pages right on the glass with no mat with the wall showing through, but once I put one up to test, the page just didn’t pop.  Instead, I used a plain white paper and taped the page onto it.  Since the frames are so high up, you can’t tell that it isn’t a mat around the page.
This is one of my $1.25 finds.  It’s a lovely farmhouse, just not what I’m looking for.  I  think I’ll just harvest the frame.



Add my $1.25 black thrift shop frames and I’m done.  


I love it.  
Simple enough, inexpensive, and a little life has been injected into this space.
Eat your heart out Arti.



Here are the links for each image I chose:

Artwork by Laura Herron of Bleu Herron:

Bleu Herron: The Coliseum, Rome

Digital Design Vault:
Use coupon code BlissStreetSpecial for 30% off through the end of April
Bird Nest
Swallow with love letter

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