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Printable Valentines

I have a general dislike for most things store bought-especially when you can make a much better version at home.  Now, there are certainly things that are not better made at home.  For example, donuts- Dunkin does it best if you like that kind of thing; dental floss- no matter what anyone tells you or what you’ve heard on Extreme Cheapskates, dental floss should be store bought.

But, with that said, Valentines should most definitely be home made, not store bought!  I realize that for convenience, a box of 25 little perforated love notes is quite easy, but seriously…  Can you think of anything more sad or unromantic for the sweetest day of the year?

You may think I’m a little crazy- your right, but Valentines day is a namesake On Bliss Street.  M’s middle name is Valentine, he was named after my Grandfather, Valentine.  With all that floating around our house, we take this day quite seriously!

So, since Z is in Kindergarten this year our Valentines need to be a bit more sophisticated than construction paper hearts and a Hershey’s kiss.  And I’m going to share them with you!

owl printable valentine
Click Picture to print sheet of 6.
flower printable valentine
Click the picture to print sheet of 6.
type printable valentine
Click the picture to print a sheet of 6.
“You’re” was changed to “Your” as the apostrophe caused confusion among my kindergartener.  If it is really an issue, I can change it if you would like 😉  Just let me know.

In just a few steps your little cupid will have custom Valentines for all their little friends.  Add a square of cardstock or construction paper to the back and Viola!  Your finished!  Plus, you can’t beat free!

easy handmade valentines

Happy Valentines!

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