Frozen. Who Are the Real Role Models for our Little Girls?

In: Square Pegs.

This isn’t my usual flavor of topic to write about, but I was struck by a comment my six year old daughter made while watching Frozen for the hundredth time.  I swear, it’s the music that keeps me coming back. Well, the music and the snowman.  In any case, I wanted to share.

She said, “Mom, why don’t girls like Anna?  Everyone at school likes Elsa better.”

I wasn’t really sure how to reply to this because I didn’t know the answer myself.  Why do most little girls want to relate more to Elsa than Anna?  On Halloween I saw about a hundred Elsas, but not one Anna.

“Well, who do you like better?”  I asked.

Her response was surprising and unknowingly profound.  She said, “Anna.  She’s just like me.  And like you, blue eyes and freckles.”

That brought me to begin analyzing these two very different personalities and wondering if it matters which princess, if any at all, our little girls prefer.

Trying to remain impartial to each, I narrowed down the characteristics that I think could potentially stick with our little girls.

Let’s start with the underdog, Anna.  She’s loyal to her family, her friends.  She is brave, strong in her convictions and above all… a perfectly ordinary girl.  Let’s face it, her biggest flaw is having terrible taste in men.  What woman can honestly say they have not had the same issues at some point in there lives?

What about Elsa, the heroine to all little girls from age two to adulthood?  She’s completely neurotic, unable to control any of her emotions.  She’s basically the epitome of the girl who was always crying in the locker room.  Frankly, she’s an oppressed, pretentious head case with trust and control issues and no coping mechanisms.  Sure, she’s exotic with her flowing silver locks, full figure and talent of shooting icicles at people, but let’s be honest, is that someone that you would want your little girl to grow up to be?  Besides the magical snow controlling capabilities of course.  Who wouldn’t want that?

So who is it?  Who should the role model be for a planet of little girls who will at some point be independent women, paving the way for their own generation of impressionable daughters?

Everyone is going to have an opinion and they aren’t all going to be the same, but that is the beauty of the culture and time we live in.  Seventy years ago, all little girls were to believe that life’s happy ending involved a prince on a white horse coming to rescue them.  Then their role models morphed into the housewives from the Jetson’s or the Flintstones, wives who took care of the household, cooking and cleaning and waiting for their husbands to return from work.  It wasn’t until the seventies when finally a smart, confident woman stepped on the scene named Velma from Scooby Doo, but who wanted to be her when Daphne was there?

So all in all, the question for today is- Who are our little girls looking up to?  The answer from the mouth of my own babe answered it perfectly for me.