Easy DIY No- Hammer String Art.

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no hammer string art

String Art Tutorial with no Hammering!


So again, this string art is not an original idea from us, it’s everywhere, but this particular heart was made right here On Bliss Street.  I was just inspired by Jess at LiveRandomlySimple and wanted to share another Valentine’s Day craft with Z.

Using the same principal as a Geo Board, this project is so good for the little ones developing their fine motor skills, motor planning, and crossing the mid-line of the body.  

Most of the string art you’ve been seeing is made with thicker string like embroidery floss and the like, but ours was made with what we had on hand, thread.  Yes, super fine sewing thread is what we had and what we used.  Unfortunately, this makes it pretty difficult to string around, but once Z got the hang of it, she did pretty well.  If you have little ones with fine motor delay and the like, DO NOT USE THREAD!   Get some yarn instead.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how we did our super easy and cute string art:

Nail gun nailing shape
I set a scrap piece of 1/2″ board on top of an old coffee can.  Using my nail gun and 1″ nails, I nailed a heart shape on the board.

nail shape in wood
Flip over your board and Viola!  You have your nails, straighten them a bit and your ready to go.

Z stringing thread on nails
Using a drop of hot glue to hold the thread on the first nail, I let Z take it from there.
She wound and thread…

hands stringing pink thread on nails
…Wound and thread…


pink string art close up
…And wound and thread.


gluing pink string art close up
When she had added enough to her liking, I added a tiny drop of glue to each nail to hold the thread in place.


Super easy thread art made from what we had on hand on a very blustery, wintery day inside.