Beautiful and Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

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Beautiful and Easy Paper Flower Tutorial
Heidi Ryder Photography
Photo: Ginny Harris
Photo: Ginny Harris

I’ve posted this tutorial on GuideCentral as well as Hometalk, but I thought I’d share it hear as well since I’m putting some on my Valentine’s Day Mantle.

These paper flowers, as well as sculpted blooms, were what my Etsy shop was made of.  I love making them, especially for special days like weddings, but I just couldn’t keep up with demand.  Now I only make special order bouquets, boutonnieres and gifts. 

They are a really simple concept, but gorgeous just the same.  

Cut paper into a circle
Start cutting from the outside to the inside in a swirl pattern.
Tightly, begin rolling the swirl from the outside end.



Roll tightly all the way to the center.

Release slightly to allow your flower to open and bloom.

Add hot glue to the center circle.
Push the center down into the glue and hold until set.
Using your scissors, bend a circle at the end of the floral wire.
Bend the circle perpendicular to the stem.
Place stem circle on the back of flower then add glue on top.
Slowly twist the stem to distribute the glue evenly.  Hold until set.
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