Chore Chart System for Child Labor. I made ’em, I can break ’em!

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Chore system graphic

Thanks to Dawn from Designed by Dawn Nicole, I implemented this really helpful and super cute chore system.  

Chore Chart System

Now, I didn’t read the book she recommended and I don’t really care too much about the specifics.  All I really want is the kids to make their bed and do a few things independently without me yelling up the stairs like a crazy woman.  This does that.

Now Dawn’s system is really adorable and well thought out and crafty and all that good stuff.  Mine was made by pirating Dawn’s free printables, coloring some clothes pins with some crayons I found under the couch and using some laminated tickets from a really old chore chart that didn’t work for us.  Then I stuck it all on a piece of 1/4″ plywood that was hiding in the garage, add a piece of rope for cuteness factor and stick it to the cabinet with a command hook.  Boom!  We’re done!  I would say on the cuteness scale it’s like a 4 when Dawn’s is clearly a 9-10, depending on the judge…

Anyway, I’ll explain how it works…

Envelopes with names

Each child has an envelope  where their tickets are placed.  This also gives them each an area for their colored clothespins.  These clothespins are the “straws” in Dawn’s system.  They are there for behavior issues.  If a child is misbehaving, they basically get 3 chances, once they are gone, I take a ticket to pay to get a clothespin back, like another chance.  So far, no one has lost all clothespins…

Here’s why…


The tickets are worth a quarter a piece or 30 minutes of video games.  Once they get 20 tickets, I give them $5 to spend as they choose.  It’s like they are earning their own money for M&M’s at the store instead of hounding me at the check out.

Daily chore sheet

Now, they don’t get tickets for doing regular chores that they are required to do because they are part of the family.  These kinds of things should just be done on a daily basis.  M does his before we start school (homeschool starts at 8:30), Z does some before school, some after, and A just does his toddler thing-He’s really just up there so the other kids don’t whine about him not having to do chores.  I know, sounds ridiculous, it is, but kids think in crazy ways.  Little psychopaths.

work for hire sheet

To earn tickets, they have to do the “For Hire” chores.  They aren’t so fun or easy.  So far, no one has picked up poop for $1, but it also has been -20 outside for like a week.  I also give them little tasks through the day like, “vacuum the living room and I’ll give you a ticket.”  It’s not like they have a choice, they have to do it anyway, but this way they get something in return.

So, all in all, it’s a nice little system and we like it.  We’ve done a few different chore chart things in the past, but I think the beauty of this one is that it’s so simple.  It’s working for us.  So far, for hire things are only done when the tickets run out, they aren’t trying to get to $5 necessarily, but as long as the beds are made, clothes in the hamper, and they take their own dishes out, it’s like having a butler and a maid- Just like J-Lo.