DIY Wood Countertop for $120. Eat that expensive counter people! Part 2

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DIY Wood Countertop Tutorial
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So I said before how I used my garage to stain and poly my beautiful countertops.  That’s how the stupid fly met a sticky end- remember?  It’s all coming back to you now right?

Anyway, so another issue I tend to deal with A LOT is a husband who often leaves the garage door WIDE open for no apparent reason.  If anyone is going to be robbed while they are bar-b-que-ing in their back yard, it’s going to be us.

Unfortunately, just like most other places, it tends to rain in Illinois.  And it rained while my freshly poly’d countertop was near the edge of the garage.  The really unfortunate thing is that only 1 side was poly’d.  Therefore when I came out to see my fly-free, last coat poly’d countertop-  I really saw a counter shaped like this…

I know it doesn’t seem like much and the picture isn’t particularly dramatic, but I promise you it was panic inducing.  In fact, I have no actual photos of the horribleness because I was PANICKING.  No one needs a U shaped counter!  The only thing it’s good for is a permanent vodka luge!!!
After I had a moderate freak out, I put on my nurse/mom hat and attempted to remain calm and sort this out using the scientific method.  If that didn’t work- then I would just call and yell at Tyler.  It’s very therapeutic, you should try it.  
Don’t call Tyler though, call your own husband.

I immediately brought the countertop inside and laid it flat u-shaped on top of the cabinets where it was supposed to go.  We had been living without a countertop there for about a week- it was really easy to take stuff out of the drawers.

I tried to think about the pathophysiology of a warped board… “moisture entered the wood grain and had no way of escaping since the top was poly’d so dang well”…  Pat on the back to me.  “
That’s why the board suddenly resembled a waterpark slide.
I have no idea if the above is true, but in my brain it made perfect sense.
Okay, so I just had to get the water out.  Sure, but how?  A straw, a wet vac, a miracle?
An iron. 
That’s right.  I freaking ironed my board straight. 
Who in their right mind would try to iron a solid piece of wood straight- you have to remember, I was not in my right mind.  I was actually very far from it and would have tried just about anything!
Anyway, I swear, I ironed like Martha Stewart on a Saturday night!  Here’s the proof:
ironing a wood board
And here is the AMAZING finished product.  
finished stained countertop

This was only one itty bitty piece of our countertop.  There is still plenty of idiocy to come.  I promise.

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