I would like to apologize…

In: Square Pegs.

That’s right.  I’m saying sorry.  

Unfortunately, the plague ripped through Bliss Street for the past couple weeks.  Seriously.  Our house was like a petri dish of yuck.  Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, newspapers… Whatever you could blow your nose in, was crumpled and snotty.  Plus the various Tylenols and Ibuprofens for all ages were strewn about the kitchen.  This left me no time or ambition to finish my 8 holiday blog posts.  Hey, I made it to six, that’s more than half and I think it’s pretty great.

Now that we are all healthy, I’ll give you a recap of the last 6 posts before we begin the new year!!!

A couple other Awesome things that happened here at the end of 2014-

My board was featured in one of the Hometalk Newsletters!

My book page wreath was featured here!

What a great way to finish up 2014!
Much better than sneezing, snotty, coughing, feverish children.

So many more shenanigans planned for 2015.  And lot’s of stuff for your house too!