Arm Knitted Scarf in Under 30 minutes, $10 and no tools!

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Arm knitting graphic

I’ve recently discovered arm knitting and it is awesome!  There are a few reasons why:

1.  No special tools necessary.

2.  To make a scarf, it takes about 30 minutes!  I could potentially make 3 in the time that Asher is napping! As long as the mail carrier doesn’t come, ring the doorbell with a package and make the dog go berserk, thus being a nap cut short.  Oh yeah, this happens. A lot.  I have Amazon Prime- I get a lot of packages.

I could make a 30 minute video of my arms for you which would be really quite boring and a waste of time since I found the most awesome videos already available.
Here are the two I used to learn how to make the most awesome, cheap, and super duper easy gifts this year!

Okay, so these 2 videos were really easy to follow and they taught me how to arm knit.  I did a lot of pausing until I got it.  Thank you ladies!!!
I also was able to find wool yarn priced perfectly for a $10 scarf.  Can’t beat that.  A little side note about wool that I’ve learned from the cloth diapering world- Wool is naturally antibacterial and the yarn is quite soft.  Another perfect reason to run out and buy some yarn and get tied up for the next 30 minutes.
It must be really easy because this was my first attempt and it turned out really great!
I didn’t have the time to straighten the scarf, , tell her to smile, and snap the picture all at once before she went running out the door.  So I had to prioritize!

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