Mudroom makeover.

In: Square Pegs.

Our mudroom really isn’t a room at all, it’s kind of a glorified closet.  Not even glorified.  It’s a square room where we all trip over one another is the mad rush to either put shoes/coats on or take shoes/coats off.  We have random hooks on the walls to hold said coats and various other necessities, but everything ends up on the top of the washer and dryer which lay outside the mudroom.  Mud spills out everywhere.

It had to change.

Enter Craigslist.  Again.  It’s not just for creepies and murderers anymore.  

I happened upon an barn sale ad about 45 minutes from my home.  Calling Mom way before her normal waking time, I happily woke her to, “Mom, get dressed, I’ll be there in ten minutes.  We are going to a sale.”  I heard a slight groan then hung up.  No time to argue.

When we got there I found a treasure trove of amazing goodies!  Old windows, doors, jars, crocks, metal baskets… You name it.  Anything that can get dirty and old in a barn was there.  It was dream come true.  The best was this big ole’ hutch that I put on my poker face and negotiated down to $65!  Can you believe it.  I know, me neither.  I knew it didn’t look that hard on Flea Market Flip.

I knew it was perfect for my mud room.  It would hold ALL our jackets, backpacks and whatever else I wanted.  Except shoes.  Nowhere for them.

So I’ll build something for them.  I sort of used this plan from, but changed the dimensions to fit my room and my hutch that was going to go on top of it.  I also wanted it to be deep enough so we could sit on it and it needed to be one piece instead of two.

Easy Peasy right?
Here’s my cartoon plan of what I wanted:

Here’s my cartoon plan written on an old receipt of how I was going to cut the wood so there was little to no waste:

Tyler picked my lumber up for me on his way home- he’s so sweet because I also asked him to have them rip my boards for me.  I Skyped him how I wanted them cut and this was the diagram he made and our conversation- I think he is a little bit of a show off…

Erica: Correct.  Then you can add the second part.
Tyler:  ?
EricaIf that is still too big or cumbersome-   you can cut the 2- 18″x82.25″ pieces- each of them into a 50″ and 30″ piece.  It’s not exact because I allowed for the weird measurements that wood really is and for the saw blade.  Got it?  Show me.

Erica: right, except for the 12″- that can be cut into 2-29.5″ and 1- 22.5″

Erica: perfection.  You are the wind beneath my wings.
Tyler: they are going to love me.  i’ll tell them i’m afraid of table saws
Erica:  Okay, I’m going to go rip off the countertop now.  Bye.

Tyler is awesome.  That is why he’s the ketchup to my fries.  Some prefer catsup I guess.  To each their own.

This was the first thing I actually built with Dear old Dad.  It was fun!  At least for me.  I swear DOD chain smoked and coffee’d his way through, but I caught him smiling when he thought I wasn’t looking :)

No pics of the process exist- no time for that when your working with Dad, but here is the finished product.

Yea!  It fits, we can paint it now!
perfect for little and big butts alike!

That holds a lotta stuff my friend.