Removing Cabinets: Moving Day!!!

In: Square Pegs.

Psyche!!!  Just kidding, I’m really just moving cabinets today!

So now that I have 4, count ’em 4 DIY experiences under my belt…Hmmm, that just doesn’t sound right.  Rephrase.
Now that I have conquered the cabinet moulding-mitering is really hard, cabinet painting, making a trash cabinet, and a couple shoe drawers, I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself.  In fact, I’m feeling down right BOLD.  I think I’m bound to do something crazy… 

I’ve decided to cut up and move around some of the cabinets.
I know what your thinking, “Erica, you don’t know how to do any of that, how do you expect to move cabinets without being squashed under their weight, etc.”

When I told my mother this, she simply gave me the head back, eyebrow lift, sneer.  You know the look?  Followed by this Mother, daughter dialogue:

Mom: “You cannot cut up your cabinets, Erica.”  
daughter: “Why not?  They’re mine.”
Mom:  “You can’t just go around cutting and chopping things up just so you can practice using tools.”
Daughter: “I’m not practicing.  I just kind of do it.  Measure once, cut twice….  Wait…”
Mom:  “Exactly.”

Okay, so she didn’t quite see my vision.  Maybe you will.  Picture this with me….  fade out.

Fade in…The stupid, little, tiny cabinets above the stove. The ones you can barely reach that are really only good for stashing Halloween candy.  I want to take off the doors, cut out the vertical piece of wood that separates the doors, ( I always forget which ones are the stiles and which are the other word) and make it an open shelf.  It can hold pretty things.  I don’t know what yet, but something pretty, possibly kitchen related.  Maybe a nice dish with the Halloween candy in it.  Whatevs.

Then, there is a bay of 3 cabinets that need to go so some new open concept shelving can go in their place.  Just like my dream kitchen- I’ll refresh your memory…The Beautious Cabinets from A Country Farmhouse.

No big deal right?
I painted cabinets.
I can do anything.

And, I did.

Previously known as the “Candy Cabinet” 
 That hood is something awful isn’t it?

A paint outline of the dead bay of cabinets.

Now where do I put them?