DIY Cabinet Moulding (not molding) for Kitchen Crap-inetry.

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That’s right, you read it correctly… our cabinets are stupid and hideous.  It make me crabby just to look at them.
Ugly, orange, boring, oak cabinets.

honey oak kitchen cabinets

Also, they are completely absent of any moulding on the top and just stop about a foot from the ceiling.  Dead space for my flat-lined cabinets.
So what would be easiest and cheapest way to resuscitate these goners…  How about adding moulding.

This isn’t really a tutorial as I have no experience dealing with anything cabinetry or building per se, but I dealt with this problem the same as any other problem I know nothing about.  I faked it.
Yes, I faked it, but I made it.

Now, I’ll give you the blow by blow so you can decide whether or not it’s something you would like to tackle, or you can just sit back, sip your coffee and read about how ridiculous and difficult I made this project for myself.  I’m sorry if you happen to be a professional cabinet person because you are about to be completely offended, but then again, if you are, you are totally reading the wrong blog.

I would also like to initiate a list of projects not to do with Tyler, this being the first, if we would like to continue being married.

Here’s the nitty gritty:
Step one:  Do not eat a large meal prior to beginning this project.  If you are as lucky as me, you will find some nasty stuff above your cabinets.  I’m not saying dead animals or anything, but just general ickyness.  Although, if you do find dead animals, you should probably address that before starting on your moulding.

Step two:  Attach some 1×2’s cut to the right length to the tops of your cabinets leaving about 1/4″ in front of them.  I just used one nail in each end into the cabinet tops where they won’t go through.  That should be fine, it’s not like anyone is going to be doing chin ups on these things. Also, a little tip- spend a couple bucks more and don’t buy “furring strips”, they are soooo not straight, but if you like living on the edge, go for it, just remember you have been warned.  Depending on the moulding you choose, you may need to leave a little more- just have your hubs hold the 1×2 for a while while you decide where the moulding should sit.  Make sure he is completely uncomfortable with his head cocked to the side smashed on the ceiling while you climb up and down the step stool multiple times.  They really appreciate that.

Step three:  This is where the real technical tools come into play.  Use Liquid Nails on the back of your moulding and stick it to the 1×2 board.  The blue painters tape will hold it in place until it dries.  

Now, I’m not going to lie- Some of the mitered corners were really hard to get right.  Especially since all I was using was a miter box and the hand saw that came with it, but it’s all good.  Wood putty is like a magic automatic do-over fairy paste.  It makes it all the no-no’s disappear.  If only I would have known about it’s magical powers when I got that really bad haircut freshman year of high school.

So there ya have it.  Here’s a little looksie at this project in the process.  My cabinets are still  crap-inetry, but at least they have some style now.  

Crapinetry with attitude.

honey oak cabinets with new moulding

 Sad, sad stove and hood…Someday I’ll take those two out to “the farm” where they can run and be free.  Actually, I’ll probably just Craiglist them.

adding new moulding to existing cabinets

This projects shopping list and price:
four crooked furring strips: $0.96 each=$3.84
four (mitering is hard) five pieces of polystyrene moulding- $4.95 each=$24.75
tube of Liquid Nails- bonus, already had it.
$28.60 for upscale crapinets.

I recently had to repair a piece of the moulding from where I removed a bay of cabinets.  An entire 2 foot piece of moulding was missing and needed to be replaced.  I figured I’d give it a whirl and just attach with liquid nails on the bottom and then tape it to dry instead of attaching a 1×2.  Worked like a dream.  Super stable and super easy.  

Next up.  Goodbye Orange, hello White!