Literally, a Snorefest. Episode 1

In: Square Pegs.

Episode 1- “The Pupper”

I’m going to start a little ongoing segment that touches on a topic that I’m sure many households suffer from…

The snoring husband.  
I heard that collective gasp…

I know that I’m not the only wife who likes to keep video reminders to show her husband the nonsense he deals out even when he’s sleeping.  I know this because our last trip to MN, my sister-in-law, Sarah and I swapped snoring videos of our husbands over a slice and a beer.

Unfortunately, Tyler snores.  A lot.  So much so, that often, the couch ends up being his bed.  The good aspect of his snoring is that it give M and I endless artillery for ongoing jokes and laughs.

Now, Tyler has many different “flavors” of snore…

Today I’m going to introduce you to “The Pupper”:

Please do not expect something awesome to happen, do not watch the video in it’s entirety waiting for an amazing ending, it will never come.  This is simply a very anticlimactic visual of the snore we have named “the Pupper.”

This is Level 1 on the Tyler Snore Spectrum.
Please stay tuned for updates… or don’t.  This is just another crazy aspect of being married to me.  Thanks Pookie.