In the beginning… there were chickens.

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It all began with a little pebble of an idea…

“I want chickens.”

That’s what I told my husband one day.  Unfortunately, we can’t have chickens in our mass produced, cookie cutter subdivision where our house butts up to four others just like it.  Our neighbors probably do not want chickens.  I haven’t asked them, it’s just an assumption.

So, this conversation quickly spiraled down the rabbit hole into many other chit chats about leaving our construction grade villa.  For five years we have lived here and the most updating we have done included filling a hole in the drywall that was there when we bought the place.  Hey, I guess that could be categorized as “updating” right?

“So move to a sprawling piece of land and raise all of the chickens you want and have an endless supply of fresh eggs and chicken wings with BBQ sauce!” you say.

Here’s the problem.  We have next to no money to use specifically for the house.  It’s all spoken for with 3 kids, a giant dog that eats more than the entire family, and whatever else in life that costs money.  Updating was never a huge priority to us. Until… We wanted chickens.

No one wants to buy a boring house that looks just like the next five houses with all of the same crap inside.  Especially for the amount of money we will need to get our dalmatian plantation in the country, but for chickens.

So, this is our mission and we have no choice to accept it…
1.  Update our house so that it is the most awesome on the block and everyone and their cousins will want to give us all of their money to live in it.

2.  Do it all ourselves with next to no money and extremely limited DIY experience and/or knowledge.  Using only the internet and fellow diyers that have come before us including, but not limited to YouTube,, and

Come on people, jump on the crazy train with us and see how this all works out.
Do it for us.
Do it for yourself.
Do it for DIYers everywhere.
Do it for the chickens.

This is strictly to help us catalogue and document the work that we have done.  This is a journey for us and we hope to remember all of it, good times, bad times, embarrassing times and all of the ones in between.


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  • Nina Heitowit Kane

    My daughter’s neighbors have a giant male turkey & some hens. He’s HUGE & walks around the street.
    Chickens are better!

    • Erica

      I agree Nina! A group of turkeys chased me a short distance when I was at a friends cabin in Wisconsin. Let’s just say Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning for me 😉

      • Nina Heitowit Kane

        When I say HUGE, I mean HUGE!!! He would make a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for our extended family of 35+!!!! My husband wants to by with his turkey caller & see what happens! He’s driving my daughter & her boyfriend crazy! He just sits on his home’s roof or walks up and down the street! If you didn’t know about him in advance, you’d think you were going crazy!

        • Erica

          hahaha, that is so funny! Yes, I am NOT a turkey fan… Your poor daughter :)

  • PurpleGranny

    We live in a neighborhood like you described. We wanted chickens. A really good friend of ours gave us a tiny banny (spelling??) hen. We named her Miss Chicken. The kids played with her and she was a joy to have around. We had a large dog house next to our patio. Miss Chicken favored that at night. Later on our friend gave us a banny (again spelling??) rooster. We called him Mr Rooster. The kids had so much fun with it. They taped him crowing, they crowed like he did, it was a lot of fun. Our friend told us to save Miss Chickens eggs and keep them rotated as she laid them. We all watched as sat on her eggs….day after day. We all watched as they hatched. We had 11 little baby chicks. We all watched as Miss Chicken protected her baby chicks. We enjoyed them them, the kids and their friends enjoyed them too.

    Then our neighbor had a swimming pool put in his backyard. Our chicken area was a two foot high fence (the kids did this) all around the patio area up to then. But Mr Rooster got to using his wings a little more further and further around the corner of the house, to the driveway, to the neighbor’s six foot tall wooden privacy fence. Our neighbors are so sweet….they never complained…even when Mr Rooster found out he liked sitting on top of their fence. Chickens do like to poop.

    All this kept me busy going out with the water hose to clean poop off their fence. Sometimes good things come to have a poopy side. We loved our neighbors, we loved the chickens. We didn’t want to spoil any of that. We all talked and decided it was best if we gave our entire brood to our friend who gave us Miss Chicken and Mr Rooster. We did. Life went on. Thats my chicken story.